Thursday, April 14, 2016

Block 2 - RavBOM 2016

NOTE:  My regular readers are welcome to try this at home.

Welcome, Ravelry Quilters!!  This post is for the RavBOM 2016 participants.  Block 2 for our Block of the Month program was my choice.  It's a block called Starlight Geese.

Would you like to see how the block is put together?

I thought some of you might, so here is how I put my 10" block together...

I chose my background fabric and cut it once on the diagonal:

Fabric 2 makes your "geese" and I wanted to do something a little different from the pattern so I chose a nice bold red and cut that TWICE on the diagonal:

Fabric 3 makes your center star.  You need 3 squares.  One is left uncut and 2 are cut ONCE on the diagonal for your star points:

I "audition" my cut pieces before sewing:

As you can see, I chose to build from the star out:

Double check that you have everything laid out properly:

You should have ONE "dog ear" when using these instructions:

This is what one set of triangles will look like...

... And this is what the other set will look like:

FOUR of the star/geese set:

EIGHT of the background/geese set:

HERE is what your interim units will look like...

... And HERE is how you add on your 2nd "goose" triangle for the background.  Make 8:

FOUR will look like THIS, with ONE triangle of each color:

Below, you will see that I pressed my seams AWAY from the central triangle:

The FRONT of the unit will look have "dog ears" to be trimmed:

Trim the POINT so that you have a QUARTER-INCH seam allowance:

The SIDE "dog ears" get trimmed EVEN with the EDGE of your unit:

PAIRS of units are sewn together and then sewn into ROWS...

... Which are sewn together to make the block:

I hope this photo journey through my process helps.

Until next time...
Happy Piecing!!!

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