Saturday, April 16, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 16

Welcome to Week 16 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  As usual, I hoped for sewing time.  Are you ready to see how the week panned out?  Please, come with me on a journey through my week...

For those of you who haven't heard...  DS2 is now a First Degree Black Belt in Wado-Ryu karate!! His test was in the middle of ScrapHappy Saturday and, let me tell you, he ROCKED it!!  This is a particularly sweet accomplishment, if you happen to know his medical history.  :o))

The previous announcement was brought to you be the color...

SUNDAY afternoon, I found that Angela had posted the updated instructions for April's Column Along block:

It looks like a fun block.  If you haven't tried one before, you really should!!

Speaking of trying things...

I recently tried signing up for a few drawings, just for kicks and grins.  Wonder of wonders, I won the Canuck Quilter's giveaway for a copy of June's issue of APQ Magazine.  Hooray!!  That's not one that I regularly buy.  It will be such a treat to see all of the wonderful quilts inside its covers.

The BEST part??  Joanne's own quilts grace the pages of the magazine.  Congrats, Joanne!!

On MONDAY, I thought I'd share all of the projects that I worked on yesterday afternoon...

Block 1 of the RavBOM:

Block 2 of the RavBOM, which is being released on Thursday night Australia time:

O's T-quilt binding:

I'd like to send out a special thank you to my bee mate, Joanna.  Without her, I would STILL be trying to figure out how to sew 2 incompatible angles in order to attach the binding strips together!!!

TUESDAY afternoon, I remembered that I forgot to tell you who won my Second Chance (or third, in this case!) Orphan Adoption.  I did it "old school" with scrap paper, pen, my list of entrants, and...

My eye glass case?!

Congrats! to Deazinn, who has been contacted via email.  Thank you to SueK, Susan, and Nancyknitsforever (on Ravelry) for participating in the drawing!  Better luck next time.

I have got to the local post office to mail off Deazinn's package AND my blocks for Covered in Love (that I shared in last week's ScrapHappy Saturday post.)  I am really enjoying contributing to a worthy cause WITHOUT having to make an entire quilt!!  YOU could do it, too!!!  :o))


I learned how to knit socks on a 9" circ. Talk about TINY!?!?  It's a lucky thing for Tracy that I didn't drop ALL the stitches... in a poorly lit room where a glass of wine MIGHT have been involved:

On WEDNESDAY, I toured NC State University with DS2.  We had hoped to have lunch with DS1, who is a student there, but it was his busy day.  He texted to say that he was writing a paper... no lunch for him!  :o((

DS2 and I shared a tour re-cap at T.K. Tripp's along with their famous:




   BEAN ICE CREAM   5.99

After a brief stop at home and dinner before the show, we headed off to UNC Chapel Hill's Memorial Auditorium for a concert (compliments of DS2's friend, Benny, and his Mom, who were unable to attend.  Thank you for a wonderful evening!!)

While this program doesn't LOOK like much:

It was nothing short of INCREDIBLE to LISTEN to in person!!!  We feel very fortunate to have been in attendance at one of only SIX performances scheduled for the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra's 2016 North American Tour.  If THAT was their warm-up, watch out Montreal, Ann Arbor, Chicago, and New York!!!  You are in for a treat for the ears!

THURSDAY morning dawned to one crisis after another.  They ranged in severity from running late for work to our FAFSA being changed by one of the colleges, to reflect a more than doubled EFC (potentially) negating our chance for a PELL Grant.  Here's hoping there is a positive resolution!!

In quilty news, Block 2 in the RavBOM 2016 was released tonight:

The photo above shows my sample Starlight Geese block.  I blogged about its construction HERE.

On FRIDAY, I took the girls to school and then went to Writer's Group.

WHAT are you talking about, Joyful?!?!  You are NOT a writer.

No worries.  I haven't taken up a new hobby.  It's just that one part of my Knit Group is in Florida this week and the other part had other plans.  So... I brought knitting to the Writer's Group.  :P

I started a NEW project (because I haven't been able to locate my Traveling Scarf.)  Besides that, there's a "Garcia" KAL going on in Threebagsfulled's group on Ravelry!  I give you...

Garcia in Autumn:

Errands filled a good portion of my afternoon, but the early hours of the evening were devoted to making some progress on S's T-Quilt.  This bit would normally have been featured in a Design Floor Friday post, but there simply wasn't enough time, after actually DOING the work!!  :P

First, I finished the Smiley Balloon block:

Next, I auditioned some fabrics for the Frog block:

Then, I finally happened upon a pleasing arrangement:

However, by this time it was time to gather the troops and head off to dinner.  We went to I Love NY Pizza in New Hope Commons.  YUM!!!

SATURDAY is the day that I join Angela's LINK PARTY, that task had to wait until after my Feathered Star class with Nancy Mahoney.  She's a renowned quilt teacher and my local quilt guild needed a few seats filled, so I jumped at the chance to make THIS:

I am SEW glad that I took Nancy's class!!!  This has been one of those long-avoided quilt blocks because of its (obvious) complexity.  Well, my friends, the block is REALLY easy when using the techniques from this class!!

Before I go Blog Hopping, I leave you with a glimpse of my favorite ORANGE quilt.  It's my Leaves of Fire quilt:

I found the border print in a little shop in Las Vegas and made the blocks in a Thangles class at my friend Debbie's shop, Quilting Possibilities, in New Jersey.

Until Next Time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Whew, you've had a busy week. Maybe things will slow down soon. Can't wait to see the outcome from your Mahoney class.

  2. Love your leaf quilt. I have so many on my list wanna do.

  3. Congrats on your feathered star success. I'm impressed. The leaf quilt turned out very well. Good work during this busy week!

  4. Oh my. What a week! Congratulations, by the way.
    Sounds like a most excellent concert.
    Love your Leaves of Fire quilt.

  5. love your Starlight Geese block. And your star. OK, I love everything :) Time flies when you're having fun, isn't it :)


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