Monday, April 25, 2016

RavBOM - Block2 {Again!!}

Another way to skin a cat... errr... make a block!!

Start with 2.5" squares. You will need FIVE "star-colored" ones and TWENTY (20) dark ones to make the background for ONE Block2:

I sewed the dark squares to the right side of each rectangle and then pressed:

Then, I laid everything out again:

After making sure that everything was right, I sewed the FOUR "star point" squares to FOUR of the "geese" rectangles:

Next, I chain-sewed the remaining background squares...

... That's AFTER "double-sewing" the first set of triangles!

What comes next?  Why, "double-sewing" the second set of triangles, of course:

 Trim those bonus HSTs and begin to lay everything out again...

... Just to make sure everything is going the right direction and assemble the "double geese" sections for the corners and sew the block together like a traditional 9-Patch:

Press  and there's your Starlight Geese block:

Good luck!!

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  1. really love your blog Joy. got all the news and had fun gazing at your lovely projects.


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