Saturday, April 23, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 17

Welcome to Week 17 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Each month Angela from the So Scrappy Blog chooses a color (or two) for the "RSC Quilters" to work on.  It's SEW much FUN!!  For the past 16 months, I have found this challenge to be a particularly motivating way to get some quilting done.  This year, I go up to my studio to work with scraps in the Color of the Month and stay to work on a UFO or some other project with a looming deadline.  It has been a truly wonderful experience for me (and any number of other quilters around the globe!)

Would you care to see what I accomplished this week???

I thought that you might!  :o))

On SUNDAY, I slept late, caught up on laundry, and completed the LAST block in S's T-quilt:

MONDAY morning found me taking care of some housekeeping duties, but after lunch, I sat down to finish my scrappy version of Block 1 for the RavBOM.  This block was found at Quilter's Cache, an AMAZING resource for quilters.  Wedding Rings 2 is just one of MANY blocks on the site:

Considering Block 2 was released at the end of last week, I'm only a LITTLE behind on this Ravelry Block of the Month program.  In my defense, my block was Block 2 and I had that on my mind... and on the bed of my sewing machine!!  Along with another TOP SECRET thing that will be revealed at a later date, I didn't manage making my Block 1 until now.  (BIG doings in the works and that's ALL to be said about that!!)  :P

TUESDAY afternoon, I spent some time working on this Feathered Star block that I started while the rest of the RSC Quilters were joining in Angela's LINK PARTY last weekend:

I only made a small amount of progress and it wasn't photo worthy.  Sorry!!  I'll try harder next time.

On WEDNESDAY, I had grand plans of finishing S's T-quilt.  Unfortunately, other activities thwarted my plan.  That's OK... tomorrow is another day!  :o))

Oops!!  THURSDAY was NOT a sewing day.  It turned out to be a travel day... all the way to the beach (and back.)  Look closely, you will see some ORANGE along the way.  This was an unexpected request from an old friend (and it was SUCH an enjoyable day!)  Aside from chatting for HOURS, we stopped for lunch at Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn:

It LOOKS like a bit of a dive...

... The food is top notch!!  Fresh and delicious.  I apologize to my vegetarian friends, but I highly recommend the Cuban Pork Burrito... YUM!

Later that day, I stopped to say my goodbyes to Winterpast:

That evening was the end of an era. The dojo officially CLOSED after DS2's workout.  The owner is retiring and this is the first step in the process.  DS2 has been training there since 3rd grade and he is graduating from high school in 6 weeks!!  I feel certain that he is not going to know that to do with himself without karate each week.  :o((

FRIDAY morning, once DH and DS2 were off to work and school, I got busy with the work of preparing S's T-quilt for assembly.  This project has been hanging over my head for TOO long and I want it DONE (so that I can move on to the next BIG thing!!)  Here's a LINK for today's Design Floor Friday post, if you would like to see how this project is coming along.

I didn't get much further than the first seam when the phone rang - requiring me to turn off the sewing machine and deal with the Financial Aid Officers of 2 different universities.  :o((

Decision Day is approaching and 2 schools haven't sent DS2's package.  HOW are we supposed to make an informed decision WITHOUT financial aid packages?!?!?  Ugh... 1 week and this will all be over (and we'll be several hundred dollars poorer for paying the tuition deposit at one lucky school!!)

On SATURDAY, I tried to join Angela's LINK PARTY right after breakfast, but she either slept late or had some sporting event or another with her kids!  (Actually, today may be the district-wide AP Biology Exam that she was helping her students review for last Saturday.  If so, good luck SoScrappy students!!)  I headed up to work on (I mean FINISH) that blasted quilt top.  Now, instead of being an early bird, I'll be late to the party.  Oh, well... I tried!

This just in from Angela:

"Sorry to say that there are blogger issues this morning that can't be fixed from my phone.  Will have computer access again at lunch.  Doing Disney today with the Academic Team"

Well, I've got NO EXCUSE!!  Time to get on with my day.  I'll check back this afternoon, later tonight, or link-up tomorrow.

NOTE:  This post was brought to you be the color:

Have you sewn with ORANGE this month?  If not, please do!  Your scraps are waiting for you!!!

Remember:  Watch for NEXT week's Design Floor Friday post!  S's T-Quilt may even be FINISHED!!  (She says hopefully, in small print.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Your week sounds similar to mine on the sewing front. Hopefully you will have more sewing time this coming week to get that T-shirt quilt done.... and a school decision.

  2. the way you outline your week it makes me think how sluggish I am! What a lot accomplished.

  3. Enjoy that feathered star! And all those other projects, too. (I need to put my feet up after reading all you do!)

  4. Exciting and intriguing to hear about the BIG developments...I'll stay tuned. :-)

  5. How do you get it all done each week? Good luck with the surprise project.

  6. Looks like you made progress on multiple fronts. We are just starting the college selection process, it's already not been fun. Hope you get all the info soon.

  7. You have done great progress. The wedding ring 2 is a great block for small scraps, and your feathered star is looking fantastic.
    Have a great week.

  8. Love the feathered star...being from Miami...I love Cuban food. Thsnk you for your nice comment

  9. Your feathered star is looking great and I LOVE the purple block! Here's hoping you find loads of sewing time this week.

  10. I'm here looking for inspiration from YOUR orange scraps!! LOL!


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