Saturday, April 9, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 15

Welcome to Week 15 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Another month began and a new Color of the Month is in play.  During the month of April, we will be culling ORANGE scraps from every bag and bin.  Here are the meager supplies with which I will work:

I think you are going to be surprised by what comes out of that little fabric basket...

On SUNDAY, I started off by transforming some of those ORANGE scraps into a couple of Donation Blocks, strip by strip:

Since I was already sewing strips, I sewed up ONE String Block in ORANGE:

Color me excited!!!  I get to share some news.  I completed the top of Dr. Pete's Wedding Quilt yesterday afternoon (just after Needleb went home from a productive afternoon of sewing.) Now, I have to decide on border treatments:

Any suggestions for borders would be appreciated!!

I've cut the binding for O's T-quilt:

Too bad that I can't recall how to attach the ends together in order to apply it!!!  Ugh!!  A mind is a terrible thing to lose (especially when you're ONLY 50!!!)

Music on MONDAY... CRHS Jazz... The ONLY reason I wake up so early:

Griffin Ross

On TUESDAY morning, Knit Group met and I tried to go back to my "old standby" project.  I took a little break from my Traveling Scarf, but now that I am happy to return to it, I couldn't FIND it!!

So, I finished up a couple of hand knit cowls...

One from four MONTHS ago:

And one from four YEARS ago:

WHY do we procrastinate on tasks that could be finished in 30 minutes or less?!?!?

WEDNESDAY was SUPPOSED to be a stay-at-home day, but quilting had to wait until I got home from DS2's tour of UNC - Chapel Hill.  Good news!!  The tour went better than expected.  :o))

THEN, I played in my ORANGE scraps for a while and finished these Springy String Blocks for Covered In Love.

They went from THIS:


With a little leftover:

But... I am angle-challenged so those leftovers MAY have looked something like kites before I took them apart and put them back together again:


On THURSDAY, my schedule went a little crazy!  Up at the crack of dawn to take the girls to school, spent the afternoon with an old friend, and got home late from Face to Face teacher conferences at DS2's school (while he stayed home to get ready for karate.)  Whew!!  What a day! Here's what a few minutes in the studio before bed produced... an ORANGE Maverick Star with a touch of brown AND black is ready and waiting to be sewn:

FRIDAY afternoon found me deconstructing T-shirts for my next TWO quilts:

The Tennis T-Quilt...(actually started taking these apart at Quilt Bee yesterday.)

And... "UNC the 2nd"... a T-Quilt:

Between the sets of shirts, I did some ORANGE sewing and made ONE Slab Block in ORANGE with a bit of black:

On SATURDAY morning, I happily joined Angela's LINK PARTY at the So Scrappy Blog.  An extensive tour of the links is the highlight of my weekend.  Such wonderful projects are shared!!

Before linking up, I spent a little time sewing after breakfast and completed ONE Tiny Nine:

And ONE Maverick Star in ORANGE with accents of brown AND black...

... Before leaving to retrieve DS1 from college to attend DS2's Black Belt Test in karate:

The photo above shows DS2 with his black belt and certificate (and a lovely shot of my finger.)  The owner of the dojo said that his was the finest test he has seen in a LONG time!!  What a wonderful culmination of 9 years of training, just before the school closes.  Way to go, DS2!!!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. you've got lots of orange yumminess going on!

  2. Well, you managed to grab some orange prettiness in the midst of all that running! Go you! (Not literally. The only 'go' you should be doing is to go sit down and take a breath!)

  3. Angle challenged - what a GREAT term!!!!!

  4. Ooh, ooh, ooh! I hadn't thought of doing maverick/wonky stars with my scraps. Thanks for the inspiration. My second son tried to get into UNC-CH, but they are VERY picky about out-of-state freshmen. I tried to get him to start at a feeder school, but he wouldn't consider it.

  5. I'm impressed that you were able to get so much sewing in during such a busy week! And yes, I agree, a mind is a terrible thing to lose (mine's been missing for almost two weeks now!).

  6. Whew!! You've had a busy week and still got blocks made! Well done! That wonky star is so CUTE!!

  7. That little basket is producing some lovely blocks. Terrific batiks in your stash. Congrats to your son! The wedding quilt could use a dark border, perhaps a print of a type they prefer. Good going!

  8. You had a busy week!Lovely orange blocks!

  9. What a great week! Congratulations to your son on his hard work as well.

  10. Ooh, love that orange maverick star! Such color! I follow Crazy Mom Quilt's tutorial for joining the binding ends, and it works really well. You can find it on her blog under one of the tabs at the top - Quilting Basics maybe?

  11. I'm surprised that you had the time to sew in the middle of your busy week, but what a lovely post on orange - love the Maverick Star!

  12. I really need to take a lesson from you and sew at night! You did great getting some sewing in while having a very busy week. congrats to DS2 on the black belt. I too tend to find kites rather than squares occasionally =)


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