Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - NQR

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  NQR???  What's that, Joyful?  That stands for Not Quilt Related.  Sorry, but this is REALLY good news!

On Saturday, I took DS2 to All-District Band/All-Region Jazz auditions. He seemed pleased with his concert band audition, but felt that he bombed the jazz audition (probably because he didn’t practice as he should have!)

Here are the results:
He made the 11/12 Wind Ensemble and is the ONLY student from his school to quality for All-State auditions.

Amazingly enough, he ended up making the B band! That means there are only 4 to 7 trombonists in the region who played better than him (and about 50 who played worse.) I don’t want to KNOW how badly those other musicians played (because I heard him practicing the other night!!)
Now, to keep him well for the clinics and performances!!!

DS2 was pleased with getting All-District Wind Ensemble, but he kept lamenting that something was wrong that he got All-Region Jazz ANYTHING. I just kept repeating that it meant that either he didn’t do as poorly as he thought or others did EVEN WORSE than he did.  (AND... he gets to audition for All-State Jazz, too!)

I as SO happy that he did well. To me, it means that he worked his way back to where he was musically before “the great divide.” (When he wasn't allowed to play his horn for 8 - 10 months, because of risk of infection.)

Even BETTER news???

DS2 texted me on Monday morning after he got to school. He had found out that he got THIRD chair in the Wind Ensemble!!! (He thought I would like to know, is what he said. Well, DUH!!)

The BEST part???

That is BETTER than he did in Middle School. His highest chair in All-District then was FOURTH chair. The boy is back on his game!

Happy Dance!!! 


  1. Happy for you and him. It does make our heart sing when the "wee" one do well. ;^)

  2. I LOVE your NQR news!!! Tell him congrats!!!!! So cool!


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