Saturday, January 23, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!

SUNDAY was the start of a new era.  Needleb and I teamed up with our friend, Diane, to form a "real life" UFO Bee.  This will supplement (or support) our Ravelry UFO Club.  We met and got right to work, which was quite a change from when we work at my house!  There was no dithering about what project I should work on and no messy room to distract me into thinking that I should use our time to tidy up the studio.

What did you work on, Joyful???

I took my Allietare Mystery, but worked on Dr. Pete's Wedding Quilt.  Here's what I got done:

Bonus points for working in the RSC Color of the Month... BLUE!!!

On MONDAY, the family went to visit my MIL.  I suppose that I could have taken hand sewing, but that's NOT where I am in any of my projects.  I took knitting instead and made progress on TWO projects, but I really want to show you what I got at last week's DOQ Silent Auction Fundraiser:

What's in there, Joyful?!?!

From left to right:  A tailor's ham, a bag containing a wavy rotary blade, cutter, scissors, and ergonomic Fiscar shears with spring back handles, along with a bundle of good neutral fabrics.  Then we have a few things that I probably should have left behind, but it was ALL for a donation to the guild, beginning with a Halloween wall hanging kit, a pack of patterns, and several sets of blocks that I plan to use to make a donation quilt.  The bit of red that you see all the way on the right is a packet of Christmas blocks, which I will add to my collection for my own Holiday Quilt.  Between these items and the Sizzix die cut machine (with cutting plates and one die), I made out like a bandit!!

(Remember, Austerity Quilters, it was all for a good cause!!!)

TUESDAY morning was my scheduled PT appointment.  It was another tough session, so I iced my shoulder and took it easy until time to go to work.

On WEDNESDAY, I met my knitting friends for coffee and several hours of knitting.  Yes!  I realize that it's NOT Friday, but one friend has a BIG doctor's appointment on Friday, so we changed the schedule for this week.

THURSDAY morning, as you might know, I was off to Quilt Group.  This week, that was AFTER working for 2 hours!  (Not a BAD thing, since the rest of the day is my own!)  I did some laundry when I got home and completed some half-done quilt blocks for Dr. Pete's Wedding Quilt:

Granted, these weren't scraps, but I still believe that I should get bonus points for working in the Color of the Month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Surely, you will agree with me on this.  :o))

On FRIDAY morning, we were greeted with WINTER weather...

... Which continued throughout the day.  Forecasters had been predicting Winter Storm Jonas, but you never know what will REALLY happen when the flakes fly!  This time, we got snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain, repeat.

SEW... I went blog hopping.  Typically, a fun activity, but today I found a mix of feelings.

I was both heartbroken and overjoyed because I found that a dear sweet quilter had lost her little one earlier this week.  Heartbroken because that's the emotion that we associate with loss, yet overjoyed that an infant in a great deal of pain no longer has to struggle daily.

I've been reading about her journey for months now and there have been setbacks and advances as the months passed.  Rachel at Stitched in Color has "been through the wringer" with her daughter, Eleni, these past 10 months.  She put it all out there.  The hospital stays, therapy appointments, alternative techniques, questioning her judgement, and questioning her feelings.  She shared openly on her blog for the benefit of other parents of infants with brain injuries.  You can read the end of her story HERE and contribute to THIS fund, if you feel so led.

If you are the praying sort, please say a prayer for this family.  If you are one to send healing vibes out into the universe, this family can use a boatload of them.  If you are the type who wants to DO SOMETHING in a crisis, see the links above for 3 ways to help.  Rest in peace, Eleni.

SATURDAY is the day that I join in Angela's LINK PARTY.  Grab a cuppa and take a tour around BlogLand to visit participating blogs and see how much BLUE sewing everyone else did.

Until next time...
Get scrappy!!!


  1. You got a load of lovely 9-patches done this week; that wedding quilt must nearly be finished now!

  2. I, too, read about Eleni and felt that mixture of sadness and joy. You've been busy this week, as always -- love your last two snowy photos!

  3. I'm sure we, your fellow RSCers are more than happy to grant you credit for working in blue. And we have all been feeling blue, too, about Eleni's passing. Thanks for passing the word about Rachel's hardships. Together maybe we can all raise funds to help other children like Eleni.

  4. Love the 9Patch blocks and of course it counts in the RSChallenge.
    So sorry to hear about Eleni. My thoughts and prayers will join many other voices I'm sure, to help this family through this hard time. I am happy with my gray hair and wrinkles, too many never get the chance to get some. ♥♥

  5. Pretty blues here. Oh my while I've not visited her blog for awhile I've read it enough here and there to know about Eleni and the struggles and joys. Oh so sorry to hear this.

  6. The blue definitely counts as RSC, and I always love nine patches. Glad you showed your basket; you came home with lots of goodies.

  7. Well done serving up some lovely blue!

  8. Thank you for your compassion for Eleni and her family. Six years ago this week we lost our seven-year-old grandniece to cancer and today is the sixth anniversary of my husband's death. We all appreciate friends at a time like this.

  9. Good work this week! I like the idea of meeting up with friends to speed things along.

  10. Such news always causes mixed emotions but there is no avoiding them unless you cut yourself off from human contact. On a lighter note, of course the blues count and I hope you don't get snowed in

  11. I had not heard of Eleni and her family, but will read her story. Thank you for sharing. Sewing and knitting with friends is the best. And I agree... bonus points for making blue 9 patches!

  12. I am so sorry. Everytime a child its battle my heart is blorken. I coordenate Love Quilts in Brazil and know how are devasting all the suffering during the treatment. May the Lord confort the family. Your blue Nine Patch are beautiful.

  13. Nice box of inspiration and fun.
    Personally, I'm all for using scraps and stash during the rainbow challenge.
    I, too, follow Rachel's blog. Read about the pregnancy, birth, struggles, challenges and death of sweet baby Eleni. When I read Rachel's post of Eleni's passing, my heart was broken.

  14. Looks like you had a great week - and a lot of snow! I love your blues and I really really like 9 patches -they are just so much fun


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