Monday, January 4, 2016

Mystery Monday! Allietare! Part 6!!

Welcome to Part 6 of Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Winter Mystery.  Allietare!!  It means to gladden, to rejoice, or to become cheerful.  (PERFECT for a quilt that made Bonnie so happy as it was coming together!)  This quilt was inspired by her recent trip to Italy, this past Spring.  She released the color inspiration on Halloween and then those participating anxiously waited for the day after Thanksgiving for the first clue.  Six weeks have passed since then.

The time went SEW quickly!!!

Our 6th clue was released on New Year's Eve.  It turns out that it was also the REVEAL!!!

Since I was away over Christmas, I caught up on the trimming for Clue 4:

You KNOW that I had to make bonus HST units while piecing the "Center-less Bow-ties", right?!?!

Here are the units that came from the various instructions:

This is what the components for Clue 5 looked like... after digging through bits of remaining components leftover from other clues:

Lined up for sewing:

This photo shows the completed unit:

 My one-quarter sized quilt required fewer units to "complete" the clue:

BEFORE working on Clue 6... We were instructed to do MORE cutting:

I used a portion of my time on New Year's Day to create the blocks for Allietare.  These are the schematics that Bonnie shared on her Reveal Post.

Star Block:

Oops!  Here's my layout:

Hmm... This looks better:

Echoes of Pisa Block:

My block layout:

However, I quickly realized that I was missing some components... PLUS... I really like the quilt and want to make a half-sized version instead of the one-quarter sized version that I had planned.

The rest of Clue 6 will have to wait for another day!  I just didn't have the energy to make the setting triangles and corner triangles.  I think that I'll wait until everyone is back to school and work. Until then...  Go visit the LINK-UP to see how far the other Mystery Quilters got!

Here's Bonnie's beautiful quilt:

Until next time...
Back to the cutting board (and then to the sewing machine)!!!

If YOU like the "real life" version of Bonnie's quilt (shown above)... There's STILL time for you to make your own Allietare!!  Head over to to find all of the instructions.  HURRY!! They will only stay up for a limited time.


  1. Your blocks look wonderful! I'm thrilled with what a pretty quilt Allietare is!

  2. Glad you like it enough to want to make more blocks!

  3. Ha!! You are doing great!!! ALL those little pieces - LOVE your fabrics too!


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