Friday, January 29, 2016

Design Floor Friday - Bluff Challenge Revealed - {The Personal Edition}

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  It's been quite some time since I've published one of these posts.  If you're new to my blog, you probably didn't even know that Design Floor Friday was "a thing!"  So, after MANY weeks, I finally have something down there worth agonizing over.  :o))

DISCLAIMER:  Only the completed piece remains, but the design process was captured here.

This particular post is about the making of an art piece.  Granted, I didn't KNOW that's what this would be about (even as late as Monday of this week!!)  However, on Tuesday, my Bluff Challenge block decided that it wanted to be MORE than just a T-shirt.

THIS is a close-up of my block.  It's filled with wonderful texture:

 I use the term "my" loosely, as my friend, Jean, is the one who created the base of this block.  You can read more about that in THIS POST.

In the photo below, you can see my block pinned onto a T-shirt:

The pins indicated where THIS panel would go:

HERE is a close-up of how the block was attached to the shirt with a line of black stitching.  You can also see some apple green triangular machine quilting and if you look REALLY closely, you might notice the double-stitching in the (partial) circle over on the top right:

I took a full shot once all that was done:

What is this piece trying to say???

Listen up, Joyful!!!  I'm NOT done, yet!

OK, OK...  I'm listening!!

First, I decided that some of the empty space in the center was begging for SOMETHING:

I tried some hand stitching (with cotton yarn) and added the triangle floating just left of the center.  It seemed to balance the red from other areas of the piece.  While the hand stitching was a GREAT idea, thanks to Margaret and Britt!! Somehow, it just. didn't. work:

So, I took it out and reevaluated my options, then added some double-stitching to the small "C" over in the top left corner:

LOOK at the photo above.  Did you notice a couple more changes???

I added an "L" and then moved closer to the "Q" in the second photo.  The squares seemed to fit where they were placed.  However, the big "C" that I tried to create needed a bit of help:

That's better!  The photo below shows how I beefed it up with a bit of free motion quilting, but noticed a spot (inside the big "C") that needed more quilting:

OK!!  I believe that it's satisfied with its appearance... and I am, too:

What a FUN piece this was to put together!!  (Nothing like 2 days before a deadline to get you motivated!!!)  Jeans and a T-shirt, Part Two... otherwise know as The Bluff Block Challenge.

Speaking of the Bluff Block Challenge...

HERE is a photo of ALL of the completed Challenge projects...

You can see MORE photos (including individual shots and close-ups) on our Quilt Bee Blog.

Until next time...
Let yourself PLAY!!!

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