Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter 2016 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The List

Sign-ups for the WINTER 2016 UFO Club are now OPEN. Any interested quilters with 5 (or more) UFOs were required to sign up by Midnight (EST) on January 7, 2016. All qualifying UFOs must be completed and posted to this discussion thread by Midnight (EST) on March 31, 2016.

My reasoning for having multiple other projects listed is this:

Sometimes I just don't feel like working on one of my "short list" projects, so I give myself options... options that are still on my UFO List for the session!!  That way, no matter WHAT gets finished, I get credit toward my quarterly Club goals.  :o))

Here is my TOP TEN (Plus TWO) list for this quarter:

2 "C" Quilts:

1. Calico Ric Rac

This top has proven a challenge.  Needs borders... but WHAT???

2. Circle of Friends

I've got a plan for the borders... just have to execute the plan.

3 Mystery Quilts:

3. The Margaret Mystery

I've got to make the pieced borders.

4. The Tiffany Mystery

This project has been sitting in a basket on the bookcase shelf for MORE THAN 10 YEARS!!

5. The Bonnie (Hunter) Mystery - GIMQ 2014

~ 48" x 63"

3 Swap Quilts:

6. Snow Star Swap

This projects has been sitting on a shelf in the closet for 9 YEARS!

7. Ravelry Red Swap

Swapped AT LEAST 5 years ago... and STILL not a quilt top!  :o((

8. Art Bee Slice Swap

Blocks were swapped at the December 2014 meeting, but these stragglers were traded in January 2015. The deadline passed and I have commissions this quarter. I still have hopes of finishing it... SOON!!!

2 Other Quilts:

9. Where's Jackson?

At home
How many years CAN a dog sit on a sewing table?  Only time will tell...

10. QE2 Goodbye Quilt

2015 WAS the year to complete this quilt... I've been in NC 16 years & is STILL didn't happen!

I plan to focus on the following quilts:

Sophie's T-Quilt - A commission quilt due by May 2016.  Shirts have been disassembled, rough cut, and stabilized.  (Shown on top of photo below.)

Owen's T-Quilt - A commission quilt due by May 2016.  Shirts have been deconstructed, but await rough cutting and stabilizing.  (Shown at bottom of photo above.)

Twelve projects round out the list for the quarter.  Realistically, I don't know how many (if ANY) of these I will be able to finish.  The TWO commission quilts will be my focus.  The problem???  I can only cut (or press) for VERY short periods of time due to a rotator cuff injury.  :o((

Oh, wait!  I forgot about my...

Bluff Quilt:

Christmas Quilt (which has been waiting for YEARS to be added to the list!)

Blue/Green quilt that I promised my friend's son:


Dr. Pete's Wedding Quilt:

Along with my Bonnie Hunter 2015 Winter Mystery, Allietare:

That makes a total of 17 from which to choose during the Winter 2016 (Ravelry) UFO Club. Wish me luck (because I'm gonna need it!!)

Until next time...
Happy Finishing!!!

2016 button 250 best

Just for kicks and grins, I'm joining in Q1 for the 2016 Finish-A-Long at  A Quilter's Table.  Sign-ups are open through January 16th.  Motivation AND prizes!  What could be better??

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