Saturday, January 16, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Each week (for the past 55 weeks), I join a number of other RSC Quilters in a LINK PARTY over on the So Scrappy blog.  Angela has developed a FUN way to work your way through those scrap bins. Won't YOU join us???

SUNDAY was a complete wash!  I stayed in bed a large portion of the day reading a book and catching up on last week's RSC posts.  Thoroughly entertaining, but not very productive!

On MONDAY, I got a leisurely start to my day, then decided that I better get back to work!!  I dug into THIS bag...

... And completed the fusing on the rest of Owen's t-shirts.  On to the design phase!!  :o))

TUESDAY morning was my scheduled PT appointment.  OUCH!!  Afterwards, I took a little trip through BlogLand and then when upstairs to figure out which would be the Project of the Day.  My Bluff Quilt won out (as the reveal is coming up shortly) and I had it sewn into 3 sections before dinner.  Hooray!
(Sorry! I can't really show you what I was working on.)  I can tell you that it was my Bluff Quilt and while I realize that it's highly unsatisfying, I can show you this much:

The good news is that the reveal is just over a week away!  After that, you can have all the details.

That seemed like a good place to switch gears and go diving in the bag'o'scraps that my friend brought to Guild for me last night.  Thanks, Diane!!  (She knows that I'm a sucker for scraps.)

I also took some time to do a  little bit of RSC work.  First, I sorted and cut:

Then I did some sewing  and made ONE Tiny Nine in BLUE:

On WEDNESDAY, I found myself... back in the sewing room.  :o))

I wanted to make sure that I used some more of Diane's scraps so I made ONE Rainbow Crumb block.  It was very linear, but I decided to skew it before cutting:

THURSDAY morning, as you might know, I was off to Quilt Group.  Afterwards, I sat down at the computer and never moved until dinner!  Terrible, I know, but I was doing research on college scholarships for DS2.  Since DS1 didn't really bother to apply for any, DH requested that I find some that DS2 is eligible for.  It's QUITE the job!!!

On FRIDAY, I met my knitting friends for coffee and several hours of knitting.  Afterwards, I met DS1 for lunch.  Remember that college scholarship thing that I did yesterday???  I did that again today.  Yippee!!  (Finding alternate funding for DS2's college tuition, etc., is highly preferable to paying for it all ourselves.  Wish us luck!!)

SATURDAY is the day that I join in Angela's LINK PARTY.  Won't you follow me over there to see what all of the RSC Quilters have been up to this week?  I'm sure that many of them made more than my ONE block for the week!!  :P

Until next time...
Get scrappy!!!


  1. Pretty blocks here and yes good luck on the college money! :)

  2. Pretty blocks here and yes good luck on the college money! :)

  3. Cute little blue block and a bunch of fun scraps to play with, I love scraps too, and really enjoy the RSC.

  4. Well, one block is better than none! And I'm sure you are going to make many 'friends' for this lonely but cute little guy!

  5. You sound like you have been really busy this week. The blocks are pretty. I wish I had done more of that for my daughter. She didn't look for scholarships. I told her she would have to pay for her college herself to motivate her, but that didn't help.

  6. Love your tiny nine patch! How tiny is it? My sons are past the college years, but I clearly remember how hard and time consuming it was to find scholarships and other funding. Best of luck!

  7. One block is better than no block at all. I maade three this week. There's always too little time to sew than we expect.

  8. Huzzah for a blue nine patch! (We do what we can do...)
    I was so glad when both my girls were done with college and I could stop filling out all those financial forms... 8)

  9. I count 2 blocks.. you are just early for the green month =). Good luck with the college funding.

  10. Cute little blue block. And one ahead whenever we get to green. Have fun with those brand new scraps. So much fun than the same old scraps.

  11. Who doesn't love a scrap bag, lucky you. The idea of skewing the slab block is clever. Keep up the good work!

  12. Your crumb block is adorable. One block is better than not sewing any. If only we could make lots of blocks and quilts by reading blogs.

  13. I like the look of your scrap bags. :-)

  14. Cute blocks and even cuter bag of scraps!

  15. Joyful Quilter, I so remember those days of looking for student aid and filling out all those forms. Hang in there. I'm taking PT for a broken hip. How about you? Thanks for sharing your adventures with scraps.

  16. FAFSA forms are NOT fun -- at least the internet search capabilities are better than when we were trying to search online in 1997. Sending all good wishes!


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