Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC16)

Welcome to the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This is my 2nd year of participation in Angela's annual event over on the So Scrappy Blog.  You can read about this year's Challenge HERE.  Each month there will be a different color to play with, along with a block tutorial.  Angela is doing something NEW for 2016.  She's calling it a Column Along.  Follow this LINK to find out more.


I have yet to decide exactly how I will play along this year.  Angela encourages up to customize the Challenge to fit our needs.  If you don't have a particular Color of the Month, change it up to work with your scrap stash!  If you don't find yourself drawn to Sampler Quilts, decide on a block (or a number of blocks) that you WOULD like and make those instead!  It's all good because it is getting involved in actively USING your scraps.

Angela started the year with...

January Color Announcement and Fabric Giveaway

Along with the Color of the Month (which was BLUE with hints of PURPLE), she also announced:

Column Along January - Twinkler

The tutorial for the Twinkler Block (and all other blocks for the RSC16 Column Along) can be found HERE on her blog.  Thanks, Angela!!  The PDF instructions are SEW helpful.

2015 was an exciting year.  The RSC15 encouraged me to use my fabric scraps and helped my fall in love with quilting again.  I was SEW excited during the 1st half of the year that I turned the RSC into a race to see how many quilt blocks I could make in a month!  I couldn't stay away from my sewing machine for more than a day.  I settled down during the 2nd half  of 2015 (because I had been more than a little obsessed!)  Read more about last year's block production in THIS post.

Really, Joyful?  Same old, same old???

Yep!  I'll be making MORE of the Maverick Stars, Slabs, Strings, and Tiny Nines from last year's Challenge:

After laying them out on my "design floor" to tally up the totals, I realized that I didn't have enough blocks to make the quilts that I had in mind.  That's OK!  I still have PLENTY of scraps!!!  :o))

What's NEW for the RSC16, Joyful???

Star Points and Alternate Blocks will be my major focus for the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I didn't make them last year (because I wasn't interested in making a Sampler Quilt.)  However, at the end of 2015, I decided that Angela's design would work well with the Slab Blocks that I made.  I'm excited to get started with this goal in mind.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!



  1. I am SEW excited that the PDFs are helpful. Also glad to hear that you aren't out of scraps quite yet. Me too!

  2. I'm loving the pdfs, too.
    Making more of the pretties from last year? Not a thing wrong with that! I loved them then, I'll love them now!

  3. Happy 2016, Joy.
    I have been debating to start this sew along. I cannot sew every month due to trips; but I think you convinced me to do what I can and want to. Thanks.

  4. Like you, I'll never run out of scraps. Love all your projects, so why not make a bigger quilt? :) Happy new year!

  5. Sounds like a good plan. The slabs will look great with an alternate setting.

  6. Ooh, I look forward to your blocks continuing.

  7. I'm sure you will have enough after this year for the quilt you have in mind!

  8. Considering all the possibilities for the RSC is half the fun every year. :- ) I'm looking forward to the discipline of working in a particular color each month. That seemed to be very helpful for me last year.

  9. Like you I've been tallying and since I've been sewing along with RSC for two or three years and decided I want to finish up some of my RSC projects this year, however when seeing what other are doing I might be swayed and start something.

  10. This is my first year trying a RSC and looking forward to seeing others' versions. Love your "joyful" blog!

  11. My scraps multiply while I SLEEP! I love this RSC. Guess I'll be doing more of the same blocks I made last year. I'll add a few, too. I love this challenge and the Saturday morning link ups.


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