Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Quiltville Christmas Eve Link Party

Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville dot com/ suggested that the participants in her Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt might want to share something OTHER than the mystery.  You can find the links at a Very Merry Happy Holiday Linky Party.  (Unless it changes, I'm link number 98.)


Many people are sharing their Christmas and Snowmen quilts.  I thought about that, but I'm not working on a Holiday quilt.  I've got 2 commission quilts that are due very soon.  They SHOULD have been done for Christmas, but that... Just. Didn't. Happen.  :o((

Well...  I do have a small Christmas wall hanging that has been in progress for quite some time:

Did I mention that is was SMALL???  It measures ~ 10 x 12"

There's also the basket of Holiday Cheer that has been waiting for me to get AROUNDTOIT for a number of YEARS:

Yes!  There actually IS a basket under there... SOMEWHERE!!!  :P

 Look!  There are even completed blocks mixed in with all of that fabric!

However, the quilt that I am MOST excited about this Holiday season isn't a Holiday quilt at all.  It isn't quite done,either.  It was started in one of Bonnie's classes that she taught at our quilt guild 5 years (?) ago.

I worked on it in class and worked on it at home.  I took it to retreats. I took it too Sew Days.  I finally got the top pieced (and set it aside for TWO YEARS)  This summer I took it out and began to work on the backing.  The back of the quilt had other ideas, so what's a quilter to do???

Listen to your quilts!  They KNOW what they want to be.  I changed direction (at my quilt's insistence.)  I pieced an entirely different back than I had planned.  Finally, the back was DONE!! Then I gave the quilt to a friend to long arm for me.  (Thanks, Gayle!)  And now, the quilt is waiting patiently for binding (which has already been prepared.)

Here, in it's unfinished glory, is my Crumb Quilt (well, a small portion of it, anyway!):

Did I mention that it is BIG???  ~ 96 x 96"  (And WAY too big for me to schlep under my machine!)

I haven't determined the name, yet.  I have several in mind.  Care to chime in?

1.  The Joyful Crumb Quilt
2.  Scrap-tastic Crumbs
3.  The Joyful Scrap Addiction

Oops!  The timer is going off.  Time to go get the pies out of the oven.

Until next time...
Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Just absolutely love this quilt and am inspired to try one of my own now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I hope you will start your own Crumb Quilt. It's SEW MUCH FUN!!! :o))

      I think that I'm with you on the quilt name...The Joyful Scrap Addiction just may be the winner. However, Andi's vote for Joyful Crumbs is still in the running. Good thing I don't have to decide right now!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Sorry, forgot - has to be just Joyful Scrap Addiction. And relieved to see someone else's Christmas stash is as much as mine....

  4. I like the name Joyful Crumbs. It's so fun to see it almost done! Time for a movie marathon to get that binding done!


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