Monday, December 15, 2014

Grand Illumination Day, Part Three

We have arrived at Week Three of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt on  (You can get to the mystery from the website, but the clues are actually posted on her blog.  I've been posting the website address instead of the blog address.)  Anyway, it's not too late to join in the fun!  Read this post and then head over to the LINK PARTY to see what everyone is doing.  (I'm link number 98 this week.)

This week's clue went something like this:


Oh, you're back to SEE what unit the clue produced???

OK!  OK!  First...

You are the lucky recipient of a photographic tour of my Mysterious Journey!  :P

Notice the green strips are followed by a portion of Unit 2, in progress. That's that leader/ender process that I was telling you about earlier.  I'm piecing (what amounts to) 2 projects at once. That's SMART sewing! And that's what Bonnie Hunter is famous for.

 SO... as I said earlier, this clue was simply a matter of...


All for a look at THIS unit and the additional bits of Clue 2 that I finished while working on Clue 3!  :o))

 That photo above shows the sum total of what I accomplished on Saturday morning before my quilt bee meeting.  This was a (relatively) easy clue, but it was WAY more time consuming that I thought it would be (when I first read Bonnie's instructions!!!)

Clue 3 (upside down), Clue 2, and Clue 1 (also upside down.)

 On Sunday afternoon my friend, Needleb, came over with her "Bag of Mystery" and we worked on getting more of Clue 3 done:

Needleb is shown here working away on Clue 3 (getting ready for a photo op.)

We generated a great deal of trimmings while using her magical cutting machine.

And after she left, THIS is the MESS that I made.  Oops!  That black square didn't end up in the proper orientation for the units in Bonnie's diretions.  :o((

This photo shows one of the(corrected) units... after spending some time ripping and resewing. (That's more like it!!!)

Hmm... do you think this is how we will put the units together???

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!


  1. Fun pic at the bottom :) I would LOVE to have a nearby friend come over and sew Mystery clues together!

    1. Thanks! It's my signature shot of the mystery units. I've done the same kind of "pose" for each clue. I thought it would stand out from most of the other pictures.

      Regarding friends, I feel truly blessed to have quilting friends nearby. Sorry that you don't have one to come sew clues with you. :o((

  2. These colors are going to be fun!

  3. Looking good...keep it up! Have fun! :D

  4. Your units look lovely all together!


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