Saturday, December 6, 2014

Friends Don't Let Friends Sew at Night...

True friends don't let friends sew at night (or too early in the morning!)


Well, the reason is simple.  My units for the GIMQ turned out MUCH better today than the ones I made last night!!  I never quite remember that I have difficulty sewing late into the evening.  THIS would be the reason that I need to file in (and retrieve from) my memory bank.

About the too early thing...

I got up at 5:45 AM to get myself, the house, and DS2 going.  Why so early?  The SAT requires that students who are testing need to arrive between 7:30 and 7:45 AM!!!  DS2 was one of those lucky testers today.

What was the FIRST thing that I did in my sewing room???

I sat the iron RIGHT ON MY FINGER, instead of on the fabric that I was aiming for!  OUCH!!!  That poor little finger burned for HOURS.

It didn't get any better...

Next I pressed fusible stabilizer to my pressing cloth (instead of the T-shirt that I was preparing for a client.)  That was bad enough, but...

I did the SAME THING again a few minutes later!!!

That's when I decided that it was time to put in some time on my GIMQ.  Fortunately, my luck had changed and (as I mention at the top of the post) this batch turned out MUCH better than the last.  Thank goodness!  That means that I might yet avoid the dreaded paper-piecing method for making these units.  :o))

Look!  I added another 1/10 of the total number of blocks for a total of 2/10 of the way there.  Hooray!!  I'm 1/5 of the way through the making of these units.  (Oh!  Scary!  I did MATH.)

I'm trudging through this clue.  The pile is growing.  The MORE blocks that I make...

The FEWER blocks remain to be made!  That makes me...  HAPPY!!!  :o))

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!

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