Monday, December 8, 2014

Grand Illumination Day, Part Two

Another Friday clue is followed by another GIMQ Link-up.  This brings us to Week Two where the clue nearly brought quilters to tears all over the world.  Thanks a lot, Bonnie!  :P

Bonnie Hunter, of Quiltville Dot Com, is famous for her Annual Mystery Quilts.  She lures hundreds of quilter into the trap she sets and SOME actually come out the other side with a completed quilt top!

Many fall by the wayside when the clues get too tough.  The hearty quilters proclaim, "When the clues get tough, the tough get quilting!"  Bring it on, Bonnie!  :o))

I haven't quite decided where I will fall when the next clue comes.  I can tell you this... I, for one, am hoping for an easier clue this coming Friday!!!  This one certainly put me through my paces.  It's Monday and I only have a small portion of the required blocks completed.

Oh, what's that???

You're waiting for the reveal of Week Two's clue?

Sorry!  (You know how verbose I can be.)

Wait for it. Wait for it...

Here is the unit that the clue's directions led us to create:

This is what they might look like when set together:

OK, so maybe not.  It certainly made a pretty picture for the Link-up, though!! 

I'm link number 105 this week.  It's not so hard once you've linked up a time or two.  (Thanks again, Bonnie for the tutorial right in you Link-up posts!)

Sorry!  No pictures of Needleb's blocks this week.  She was too busy getting ready for her trip to New York.  Perhaps, she'll be back next week.

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!


  1. Great colors, this is going to be a fabulous quilt.

  2. I absolutely love purple & have a hard time not "following directions," but I might just follow your lead instead. I'm waiting out the reveal since this is a pretty busy time of year without stressing about keeping up with the mystery group. Not to mention, how big do I really need it to be & all that. I don't want to buy fabric whole hog & find I'm unable to make some of the difficult blocks. Your colors are fabulous though!

  3. Doesn't look like you had too much trouble. Your blocks look great!

  4. This block was super easy and fast! Things are as hard as we want to make them. It's all in our attitude. Mine are finished.

  5. Thanks for all of the comments! And Cindy, it's not that the unit itself was necessarily all that challenging. It's just that two of the three methods that I tried produced units that weren't the right size. Frustration can equal challenging, in my book.

    I'm still working to complete the number of units needed for a half sized quilt! I'm happy that you were able to whip through the clue in a short amount of time. Perhaps, I'll be able to do that with Clue 4 (since I'll have a bit of time off work!)


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