Monday, December 1, 2014

Grand Illumination Day, Part One

Lots of cutting and sewing ensued with the beginning of Bonnie Hunter's 2014 Grand Illusion Mystery.  Look for it at quiltville dot com (there's a tab at the top of the page) and join my friend Needleb and me on a magical mystery tour.  It's a 6-week adventure (in leaders and enders, Bonnie's method for making more quilts.)

I got a fair amount done on Friday, but NOT half of the blocks prescribed in Bonnie's first clue.  Oops!  Here is what I came up with on the second sewing day:

Thanks to Needleb's handy-dandy triangle cutting machine shown here:

Speedy sewing followed the super-quick cutting (see machine above.)  And then there were sewn pairs of HSTs.  LOTS of them!!  Those were then paired with black or yellow squares and transformed into block parts like these:

Can you tell what the quilt is going to be, yet???  Probably not!

That's OK because I don't know either.  :P

But here's a look at what we made in the first clue:

I laid my blocks in a ring (since there's NO WAY to know what Bonnie has in store for us!)

These will be cut up for use as a future Leader/Ender project.

Here's a closer look at what I did this weekend.

This is Exhibit A in the death of a clear picture.

Exhibit B in the death of a clear picture.

And the final exhibit in the death of a clear picture.

I tried really hard to get some good shots throughout the weekend.  Oh, well!!  You get the picture...

And there will be 5 more weeks of this photographic fun.  :o))

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!

Linking up with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville dot com.  (At least, that is the hope for this post and others that follow on Mystery Mondays for the next 5 weeks.)

Thanks, Andimc13 on Ravelry, for talking me through the process (even though you knew that Bonnie would have a link on how to link-up today.)  I appreciate the time you took to calm my worried mind.  Thank you, again!


  1. The purple looks great in your mystery blocks!

  2. Looking great! And the anticipation of the lay-out is such a big part of the Bonnie mystery.

  3. What a clever way to display the units!

  4. I'm using purple too, Very nice colors.

  5. Love the purple! Your units are looking great!

  6. Really like your colors, looks like a neat triangle cutter.

  7. Love how you laid those blocks into the circle - looking great :)

  8. Thanks for all of the lovely comments, everyone!


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