Saturday, October 14, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 41

Welcome to Week 41 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week was a little bit busier than most.  One of the reasons is that I have to get ready for Quilt Camp.  First thing's first, THIS quilt has to go with me!  It's the one that I was working on at the last event:

Think Spring!  Mystery pattern by Tiffany H.  Quilting by me.

SUNDAY - I enjoyed a lazy day.  Not exactly what SHOULD have been happening around here, but... There you have it.

Oh!!  Look what's blooming AGAIN:

Yes.  I realize it's not PINK, but I couldn't resist sharing this THIRD blooming of the SAME iris plant!!

MONDAY - Knit Group met this morning.  I followed this with new PINK nail polish, a quick trip to the grocery store and a load or two of laundry.  During the evening hours, I sent out a call for help.  You can read about that HERE.

TUESDAY - I missed Sew Day at D's in favor of a shopping trip with H and a hair appointment:

This evening was set aside for Girls Night Out:

Some people really CAN talk and knit at the same time!!  LOL

WEDNESDAY - Quilting at Needleb's.  Notice the magnetic snaps have been attached.  Making duplicate projects certainly is time-consuming!!  Today, I finished another step in the making of my Trail Totes:

That photo shows all of my zipper and bag match ups (so that I don't have to go through the entire process... AGAIN!!)

... Was followed by a trip to Raleigh.  My first of this school year!  Why???  Birthday dinner with DS1 on the only day he had available this week!

I released my Wonderful Wednesday post for this week.  If you are interested, you can read about it HERE.

THURSDAY - Weekly Quilt Group was followed by MORE sewing at Britt's!!  We're in the middle of a Trail Tote Marathon.  Today's progress?  Another set of strap components:

I also completed all of the "mouth" sections (for installing the zippered pockets.)  Unfortunately, I'm out of D-Rings and can't finish up without a trip to the craft store.  That will have to wait for a week or so.   :o((

Oh!  Did you want to see the design that Joanna came up with for our #quiltsforvegas quilt?  (I thought you might!)

My quilt group will be making blocks at our Sew Day on Saturday:

FRIDAY - Coffee Club was followed by some time with a good friend.  I took a moment to show off my new PINK nail polish, since I didn't show you earlier in the week:

 Between the two activities, I took a trip to the post office to mail out the Mug Rug that I made for my swap partner.  More about that in a couple of weeks.  I am planning a single post for the sending and receiving of the tiny quilts.

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day!!!  I'm off to my monthly Quilt Bee meeting.  We're having a Sew Day at the SECU Family House.  I'm in charge of the food, so I've got to get moving!!  I'll catch up on all of the wonderful PINK projects later today...

Right AFTER finishing my packing for Quilt Camp!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - Unskilled Quilt Guild Getaway


Welcome to this week's Wonderful Wednesday post!!  A member of my local Quilt Bee belongs to another bee.  That Bee was buzzing to have a quilt retreat.  The week-long event took place during the last week of September.  It was a Create-Your-Own-Retreat affair.  Some people went for an entire week, one went for most of the week, two more went for a late-week adventure, and two others (myself included) attended for the weekend only.

Our arrival found THIS beautiful quilt top in the works:

Hot cocoa with "a little something" was on order after a harrowing car trip with TONS of traffic and some crazy drivers:

We awoke to this spectacular view:

It's SEW peaceful here:

It was a bit too cool for breakfast on the screened-in porch:

The temperature warmed up as the day went on:

Sewing was the order of the day:

Our hostess showed off the projects she's been working on:

I enjoyed a room with a view...

... But took my time setting up my sewing station:

The "sewing room" had a spectacular view, too:

Nancy showed off the quilt that she brought.  She is working on sewing down the binding:

I found the scenery to be quite a distraction:

I haven't even set up my sewing station and I'm already ready for a break!!  Lucky for me the lower porch is equipped with THIS:

Looking for ORANGE leaves:

Found some on the way down to the dock:

These stairs lead up to the cabin from the lake:

The dock makes the water look so inviting:

Of course, I had to take...

... A photo...

... From every direction:

Hello, quilters!  Wish YOU were here:

The stairs were easy coming down, but look rather steep on the return trip to the cabin:

Maybe I'll just wander around down here by the lake:

Oh, all right!!  One last picture:

Look!!  They came out to see if I fell in the lake:

Work was underway when I returned to the sewing room:

These Moda Cake Mix Recipes from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. were door prizes from the Asheville Quilt Show.  Members of the Unskilled Quilt Guild took in the show (approx. 45 minutes away) before we arrived at the retreat house:

Britt got busy while I was out taking photographs:

I finally got set up for sewing.  Crumbs, anyone:

Nancy's (?) beautiful wall hanging...

... And her much-avoided One Block Wonder:

These might look familiar to my Rainbow Scrap Challenge friends:

See?!?!  I was sewing:

But... I got distracted as the sun rose higher over the lake:

Margaret is contemplating borders:

The colors are more accurate in the photo below:

Borders.  Going on this Linked Up quilt from MSQC:

What on earth is THIS???

After putting dinner on to bake, we all went out for an explore:

Mountain Laurel. Twenty feet tall... or more:

Wait for me!!  I'm trying to take a picture:

Here is the longest view of the lake:

Time for a late afternoon / early evening selfie:

An ever-changing look at the water, as we continue around:

You've got to love a lake that you can see clear to the bottom:

Not a worry in the world, as we sit on the community dock:

SEW relaxing:

Time to head back so our dinner doesn't burn:

What's under the dock?

I wouldn't mind wading here, if it were a little warmer:

Last look at the community boat launch:

A fern bank on the way back to the cabin:

Just LOOK at these reflections:

The skies are darkening and the moon is up:

Who knew you could pack SEW much into ONE day?!?!?  But wait, there's more!

After dinner, it was time to turn our attention back to sewing:

Scrappy bits!  Guess who made this:

ORANGE Scrap Jar Star in progress:

Borders are going on this Sampler Quilt:

Well, that's one way to use a border print:

After much debate, the pumpkin won out for the inner border:

Another Scrap Jar Star in the works:

Go, Britt, go!!  TWO borders remaining:

Margaret give the inner border a final press:


Almost there:


Hold it up for a better picture:

One happy quilter...

... On to the NEXT project:

Look familiar, Ruth S???

Components complete for block number two:

Margaret got her inner border attached:

Give us a better look, please:

Good morning!  Let's get busy.  Next up?  Outer borders:

Hmm... How is this layout looking:

What's this?!  Garment sewing:

Linked Up is complete:

What a great pattern:

Let's see the project that didn't get touched:

Great fabric choice.  Pretty pattern:

It's almost a skirt.  Only the waistband remains:

Even the hem is done:

We couldn't resist stopping to take in the views from the scenic overlook on the way down the mountain:

Color me a happy quilter!!

Connestee Falls, Western North Carolina's Premiere Mountain Golf Community

 No one told me that I was only minutes away from THIS.

Waaaaahhhh!!!  I absolutely LOVE waterfalls!!!

Until next time...
Adventure awaits!!!