Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - Staycation - The Shopping Experience

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!   It could easily have passed for a Mail Call Monday post, but that day has been taken over by SAHRR updates lately.

Here's the story...

At the end of January I had a moment.  Have you had days like that?

Walk AWAY from the computer, Joyful!!!

One purchase led to another.  Led to another.  Whoops!

In my buying frenzy I bought...

Some fabric that I can't show you.

Some fabric to go with that fabric (which I still can't show you.)


A really cute pack of mini charms (that would completely give this Secret Sewing project away!)

No worries...

I also bought this book which will be known as "It's Katie's Fault", thanks to the glowing review that Katie @ Zana's Ninis gave it when I inquired after reading the post about her newly completed quilt:

A number of weeks passed...

Because the last thing I bought, from textile artist Ruth de Vos, was a gift that came all the way from Australia:

I was a little worried when I found a hole poked in the parcel...

And in the packaging.  Fortunately,  my purchase was well wrapped.  It was adorned with a sticker of another of Ruth's pieces:

This is the pillow cover, from Ruth's Botanical Art series, with one of my couch cushions stuffed inside:

The enclosed postcard is from Ruth's Childhood Art series:

She was so sweet to include a personalized note:

Special thanks to Karen @ Just Get It Done Quilts and her YouTube interview series Karen's Quilt Circle.  That's where I learned about Nancy and her spectacular work.

Until next time...
WHEN is my next Staycation???


  1. The Turner/Rolfe/Hoowarth books are wonderful. (Are you familiar with Spectacular Scraps?) Have fun!

  2. Yay for the fabric you can't show us, and for the book! That pillow cover is beautiful. Hope you get another staycation soon. ;)

  3. yes, that cushion cover is gorgeous. Isn't Karen wonderful; I love her no nonsense approach to quilting. From your last post, what a fantastic scrap control corner you have!


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