Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Mail Call Monday - Keeping You in Stitches and More

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  On a Tuesday.  Again!  (I'm not sure what's up with that.)  A few weeks ago or so, mentioned that I had used my very last sewing machine needle.  

Much to my surprise, I got the following in an email from Mari:

... What size needles do you use? I have a few packs of size 80 I'd be happy to send. I use 70 for stitching and 90 for quilting. I messed up and didn't double-check an order, and got 80s. They're yours if you want them!

My response:

Yes, please! I use a variety of sizes, so those 80 needles would be great!
Thanks, Mari!

Not long after...

I received this package in the mail:

Of course, Mari being Mari, she sent needles:

... Along with this darling Fat Quarter:

A quilty pencil and this lovely notecard was also enclosed:


Mari sent needles, etc. and when I grumbled that she wouldn't let me pay for them (or even for the postage!) she did request...

... I wouldn't say no to a few scraps. I'm low on purple and orange, or anything you don't want. No obligation, though! I'm happy just to have someone using those needles.

Did I take a photo of the stuffed envelope I sent???

No!!!  :o((

Oh, well... It went out in Wednesday's mail, so she should have had it by Saturday.

And on Saturday...

These were left on our front porch...

The package...

Was from Zazzle.  It was an order I placed last week (in a moment of weakness.)  I got a magnet for the mini fridge in the studio library...

... And for my "quilt pin holder" (which is still somewhere in a box from the move), I got a button that is currently being housed on my bulletin board:

I just couldn't resist some fun Project QUILTING "swag"!!

The box came from...

Julie @ JulieKQuilts.  She was having a fundraiser on her blog to benefit Ukraine.  (She still has one antique quilt top left.  Go look!)  Many of her items had been sold, but a stack of magazines remained.  Well, anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a influx of quilt magazines.  It's nearly as bad as my scrap addiction desire to collect fabric scraps!  The box arrived quickly.

What was in the box, Joyful???

Well, there was a lovely pink fabric rolled up to "fill out the box", along with...

The stack of magazines that I was expecting:

But, WAIT!!!

There was MORE fabric to "fill out" the bottom of the box:

That blue fabric was included in the Ukraine flag heart coasters that Julie just made for her nurse friends.  You can see one of them in the final photo of THIS POST:

She also enclosed a beautiful Spring-themed card:

Here's what Julie had to say:

Thanks, Julie!  I really LOVE the way you "pad" a box!  I also appreciate the fact that you allowed me a chance to help support Ukraine in a small way.

Until next time...
STITCH for peace!!!


  1. And nothing from Bill! You get the best mail.

  2. You do get the best mail! Fun to see all the goodies. I like that fat quarter Mari sent you!

  3. Impressive mail! Too bad I didn't know what Mari was short on as I just sent her something for Hands2Help today...I would have padded the box!

  4. I agree that you get the best mail! I'll have to start padding boxes, too. Wish I could post a picture of that overstuffed envelope. . .can't wait to see what you get next!

  5. Very nice to get two fun packages like that! You will put them all to good use we have no doubt of that.

  6. Love your MailCall posts. It's so fun to get mail! You hit the jackpot this week. See you Friday AM!


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