Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tidy Up Tuesday - Declutter Challenge - The End of the Journey

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  Because of Karen @ Just Get It Done Quilts and her Declutter Challenge 2022, I have gotten rid of a fair amount of clutter in my studio.  Is the space tidy and organized?  Not by a long shot!  Is it better than it was?  

Let's have a look at what happened since last week's post...

Day 17 - Scrap Management

I knew this was coming, but Karen was kind to us.  Today was about pulling out all the scraps and seeing just how big Scrap Mountain is (SEW not going there, as I only recently moved my entire studio!) and then setting up a space for our fabric scraps.  I've got that!

Before I show you the photos, which you may have seen if you visit my blog often, I have a confession to make...

You see, I am a Scrap Quilter with a Capital "S".  Almost EVERY project I make is made from scraps!  The boundaries I have set consist of going through each gifted bag when it arrives and pulling out the fabrics that I know I will not used in my quilts.  Those go into a reusable grocery bag to offload onto some unsuspecting quilter share with some other lucky quilter at the next guild meeting.

Here is the GIANT drawer that I have designated for scrap bag storage when we moved into this house at the end of the summer:

To give you a bit of perspective, it's 16.5" wide, 16.5" deep and slides into the wall nearly 2.5 FEET!!

And THIS is my Scrap Center - with many of my scraps sorted by color, as I participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge each year.  I am pleased to report that ALL of the magazines (left from Day 14) that I'm keeping (except for the 2 foot tall stack of Quilters Newsletter Magazines that I might NEVER part with!) stored along the bottom shelf:

You can find the tutorial for my Quilted Scrap Baskets HERE.

Day 19 - Fabric Scraps

Sorry, Karen!!  An artist doesn't declutter their paints and I'm not decluttering my scraps.  Scrappy is what I do!

I absolutely LOVE my fabric scraps (and the scraps that many of my friends pawn off on generously share with me!)  I use my scraps so often that when Britt and I packed up my studio a few months ago I joked that I should just GET RID of my yardage and KEEP the scraps.  I was only half kidding!  :o))

Strip drawers:

Square drawers:

Day 20 - Fabric

We moved house at the end of last summer.  I'm still in the process of sorting out the STUFF that came from the old house and organizing it into my new studio.  The unpacked stash fabric is stored in a few places.

Color drawers:

Color cubes:


The fabric earmarked for donation quilting has been relegated to an auxiliary closet (or studio annex, if you will.)  It's currently a bit of a jumbled mess.  Let's not go there.

Day 21 - Containers & Bags

There are no containers to get rid of today.  I moved them out of the studio as I emptied them.  Bags?  That's a whole 'nother story!

Bonus Days - Longarm Area

While going through the Declutter Challenge, I was inspired to make further progress on my space.  Once the Challenge reached Day 21, I was ready to continue with the process.

Best laid plans...

I shared the following photo last week.  It shows the longarm area, NEARLY ready for set up:

I was pleased with my progress, but a few quilt challenges made it such that I didn't have additional time to devote to further decluttering (or unpacking.)  I did manage to put away some unpacked fabrics that had just been stacked on the cutting table.

Yay, me!  :o))

I cleared the space so that I could work on those project that kept me from getting that much closer to being ready to set up the longarm.  (The projects were totally were the delay of plans.)

Until next time...
Reclaim YOUR space!!!


  1. Considering the big changes in our life in the last few months, I think your scraps and stash are amazingly well organized, Joy! I agree - a quilter's scraps are like an artist's paint. I'm keeping mine, too!

  2. Those of us who love scrappy quilts totally understand you...but we don't understand "decluttering scraps" at all

  3. Joy, you are much more organized than I am! I have "stuff" scattered over four rooms - my studio, my computer room/office, the quilt cave (half of main level garage set up for my longarm), and I cut on my big, tall kitchen table! I think you are doing well. I do have bins set up by color in the studio for scraps/fat quarters, etc. They need to be purged though! LOL

  4. I'm nodding along with you on a lot of your points here! Your scrap organization is similar to mine. Enjoyed seeing how it's done at your house.

  5. I wouldn't be willing to part with my scraps either!!

  6. You gave me so many ideas on reclaiming my space, Joy. Thank you so much. You are doing a fabulous job on keeping those scraps organized.

  7. I think you're making wonderful progress, although I know you are anxious to get the longarm set up again.

  8. Oh my, I think you may have more scraps than Cathy L or Sally T! Definitely more than me. But good on you for working hard to make such good progress in your studio!

  9. I grew up piecing quilt tops with my mom, and all we had was scraps that people gave her. I love scrap quilts, and even though I've only made a few quilt tops or lap quilts, I used nothing but scraps. I do have some fat quarters I won and some jelly rolls that I hope to make into lap quilts soon.

  10. It seems you have a continuing daunting task in organizing your studio. And making space for a longarm too. You are a much more
    "invested" quiltmaker than I am... and according to my husband, I'm in deep. Best wishes as you tackle each task. I know that it's daily "small bites" that eventually work into a completed job.


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