Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Tidy Up Tuesday - Declutter Challenge 2022

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!! We moved house at the end of the summer.  We've been in the new house for FOUR MONTHS.  Here's the deal.  My studio is STILL a hot mess!  Enter Karen @ Just Get It Done Quilts and her Declutter Challenge 2022:

I jumped in, but ended up getting a slow start.  I did toss a few things for Day 1 and rehome a few things for Day 2, but on Day 3...

Karen asked a question...

How old is your oldest magazine?

That question prompted me to go on a hunt to find out!

While Karen thought magazines were "a simple category", I disagree.  The last time I moved (15 years ago), I went through every single issue, hoping to purge a bunch.  Would you like to know how many I was willing to part with?


For that reason, I feel like a huge success to share the following...

This stack of 16 magazines is headed out the door:

Today is Day 4 - Books

That meant another BIG challenge for me!  I did rehome a few books in September and had a quick look today and found ONE book that I could part with.  It also went into the donation box destined for the guild's silent auction next week.

Unfortunately, tomorrow's category won't be any better.  My patterns are still packed - somewhere in the depth of the garage.  I'll have to take a pass.

Until next time...
Reclaim your space!!!


  1. That is better than one! Good job.

  2. 1987? That's wild! I know you feel about the books, too. They're all so interesting, in their own way. And fun to look at for inspiration, especially when it's cold and icky outside. (And my sewing room is a hot mess and I don't have any excuses!)

  3. Oh, magazines are tough. I have saved all of the old Miniature quilts magazines, which have probably been OOP for decades. I only biuy a magazine about once--maybe twice a year. Usually for a specific pattern that I want to make--or a magazine that features the work of a blog friend. Who can get rid of those?? Good job finding one you could part with!! :)

  4. It is hard for me to part with my magazines and books as well. I enjoy going back through them not only for the patterns and quilt photos , but for the ads, graphics . Sounds like you are staying very busy. Have a great week and happy quilting

  5. I did a deep purge of my books and magazines a few years ago, and it felt so good. The only sad thing, one book that I had cherished accidentally got into one of the toss/donate boxes (at least I think that's what happened) and I lost it. It still makes me sad thinking about it (it was a Gwen Marston book no longer in print). Still, it was so good to get rid of the ones I no longer used!

  6. Great start, Joy!!! Where did your mags go? No one seems to want them around here anymore. Now, keep the momentum going.

  7. I too have a hard time getting rid of magazines and books. I had my own hoard and another quilter gave me two huge boxes of hers. I am still trying to cull them down, but it is very difficult for me.

  8. I feel your pain. As I move and rearrange everything in my studio, I am trying to purge, sort, and re-home. But parting with magazines, books, and patterns - probably not! Congrats on sending 16 magazines out the door! ~Jeanne

  9. I too am doing Karens declutter. We moved over a year ago and my quilting/ sewing room is still a hot mess. I know her 30 minute limit is far too short to get to all my books etc. but will plug away at it.

  10. Ha--finding that one magazine to purge made me laugh! Good job on the tidying up--a move does help you purge before the move but after it is hard to make a "new home for everything"!

  11. It sounds like Karen's challenge really IS a challenge for you! I have no advice as I am a "declutterer" by nature. From what you've said it sounds like are making some progress!

  12. Ooh, that sounds like an interesting challenge! I'm going to check it out and maybe hop on board. I've been trying to declutter as I go throughout the year, but it never hurts to have some guidance along the way. So is that a magazine you decluttered, the one with the quilt jackets on it? You know, I think those things (and the '80s style) may be making a comeback. Just sayin', LOL. Congrats for the 16 that went out the door!

  13. It is really a challenge for me to get rid of anything, because so many times when I did I or someone else needed it or could have used it. The best way I can get rid of something is to make something with it then give it away. Congratulations to your for purging.

  14. I just may be one of the neatest quilters out there. And only have three unfinished projects (thinking about paying someone to finish the Neiemyers _ I have the paper piecing done). Because we travel to the mountains, I do a major clean of the room before we leave for a month, then I come home and sew like mad for two months. And repeat. I guess I purge often. But I also sew from yardage instead of scraps so that helps too I think. Congrats to all who are managing the mess.


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