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RSC22 - The Plan - {Rainbow Scrap Challenge}


Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to my planning post for the 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Welcome to a new year.  Welcome to another year of using my scraps down to the very last inch.  It may take a lifetime, but it is SEW much fun!! With that goal in mind, I am beginning my 8th year of participation in the RSC.  Angela hosts this brilliant monthly event to encourage us to sew up ALL of our fabric scraps, one color at a time, by assigning each month a color of the rainbow.

What's on your project list for the coming year, Joyful???

I have decided to follow along with Rachel @ Stitched in Color for her Pas De Deux BOM.  Registration begins Monday January 3rd with a SALE and I will be signing up for my 1st paid BOM ever! Something just clicked for me when I read the words "scrap-friendly and skill-building" in Rachel's newsletter post describing the BOM.


That is where my focus will be.  Just ONE project for RSC22:

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However, as with last year...

I hope to use Angela's RSC Color of the Month prompts to create a small quilted project for the 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge here on The Joyful Quilter as a way to use some of my fabric scraps during the next 12 months.  YOU are welcome to join me!  Click on the LINK to find out more about this year's Challenge.

For the last several years, the sewing squirrels have derailed my plans to make a small quilt top each month.  This year, that goal isn't even making the list!


I would like to make the BOM blocks, but if all I do is color in my planning sheet, so be it.  I will be focusing on my own TABLE SCRAPS Challenge in the RSC Color of the Month.  Everything else will be secondary (and I'm not going to beat myself up about it.)

If time allows...

Preeti's Picket Star (shown below) was the subject of a fabric collection that didn't make it past the middle of last year:

The 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge 
will provide me with yet another opportunity to complete some additional blocks.

If I'm feeling REALLY ambitious...

I would like to spend some time making the House blocks with fabrics selected during 2021.  I was inspired this quilt by Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts:

Let's take a look back to 2021 in Joyful Quilterland...

I had hope to make those House blocks, but didn't get very far with that.  Heck!  With our move, I didn't even manage to collect a year's worth of fabric for them.

Since we KNOW that I didn't make blocks, just what DID I do with my quilting time???

Pack up my studio, move house, begin setting up my new studio and USE as many small scraps as possible in the interim, that's what!!

Those scraps made the following:

4  Mug Rugs
2  Table Runners
1  Hot Pad
2  Pin Cushions
5 Table Toppers
2  Mini Quilts

For a total of...

Sixteen (16) scrappy projects that I completed as part of the 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  :o))

You can see all of these in my (2021 Year in Review) post.  I did my best to sew with the assigned Color of the Month throughout the calendar year.  These small scrappy projects kept me sane while I packed, moved, and waited to get my studio back in running order!!!

Aside from my scrap usage...

I also completed 4 UFOs over the course of the year.  My list changed each quarter and I didn't stress which items were (or weren't) completed.  I had a number of "client quilts" (21, if you can believe it!) to keeping me busy (prior to the move.)  I also did a fair amount of chasing "squirrels" which also contributed to my slim progress on the UFO List.  It's all good, though.

In spite of moving house (and studio) in 2021, it was still quite a productive year for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge endeavors.  Wish me luck for a productive 2022!

A new LINK PARTY will be posted on each Saturday of the year.

Until next time...
SCRAPPY New Year!!!


  1. Good luck with your scrappy goals for the year. Less stress is always a good thing.

  2. You had a very productive and stressful 2021. Your 2022 goals are perfect and I love "if the time allows" etc ... ~Jeanne

  3. I absolutely DO wish you enough time in 2022 to keep those creative & playful juices flowing. I'm looking forward to more Table Scraps myself.

  4. That Pas de Deux quilt looks amazing - have fun with it! Thanks for planning the Table Scraps challenge for this year again - it was a fun thing for for 2021, so I'll look forward to it again. Happy New Year, Joy!

  5. Good luck with your goals and projects in 2022. The fact that you now have an up and running studio will help greatly in getting things done I'm sure. I'm happy to hear that you won't push your limits too far. Most weeks, I was tired just reading your weekly review. Pas de deux sounds like a fun BOM. It's definitively an amazing quilt. I'm sure you will enjoy it and I will be cheering you on from the sideline. My goals for the new year are very flexible. Wishing you all the best in 2022. Hugs. ;^)

  6. You've had a really good year. I love the new Stitched in Color QAL, but I'm trying not to join in any QALs this year (other than ones I committed to in 2021) so I can try to catch up on some of my projects and clear some bins. Will be fun to watch your progress.

  7. You have some fun plans for the new year!

  8. Ooh, the BOM looks like fun, and making it an RSC project is inspired. I'll bet it looks great and turns out to be a stealth rainbow quilt. It will be fun to watch the table scraps as well. Have a wonderful, productive year!

  9. Happy New Year Joy. May you have a lot of time to enjoy your projects.

  10. The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is happy to be what you need it to be. Not beating yourself up is indeed the key! I want to make some more orphan block pot holders this year. Such a great way to feel virtuous about all those extra trial and test blocks.

  11. You have had a big year with moving house and everything else that was happening, and I seem to remember that you did a lot of zooming too. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  12. A move affects you more than you anticipate! You did a lot on the quilting front--even more in the year ahead!


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