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January 2022 - TABLE SCRAPS Challenge - LINK PARTY

Welcome to the January 2022 edition of the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge here at the Joyful Quilter!!  I'll start with a little backstory, in case you are new here.  (Apologies to my regular readers since you already know all about it.) I'm a scrap quilter who had been setting up individual challenges for several years in conjunction with Angela's (RSC) Rainbow Scrap Challenge @ So Scrappy.  Last year, I went global when I offered the 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge.  There were participants from around the corner, across the country and around the world.  It was SEW much fun and we all have MORE scraps to use, so I changed the "rules" and am pleased to offer the...

Button credit to Susan @ Desert Sky Quilts, updated by me.

In 2022, we have a broader range of quilted items that are appropriate for linking to the Challenge.  Baskets and bins, along with pillows and pin cushions, are qualifying projects.  Not just the toppers, runners, and mug rugs we focused on during the 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge.  This year, basically, ANY small quilted item qualifies.  The main premise is that you USE the (new or old) SCRAPS from your cutting table (or your friend's cutting table - since that's where the majority of my scraps come from!)

There will be a prompt each month to help get your creative juices flowing.  While you are NOT required to use it in your project, the guiding word will be revealed at the end of each month's LINK PARTY post.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see February's focus.  It, along with the RSC Color of the Month (as soon as Angela releases it - around the 1st of the month.) will also be added to the 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge page at the top of the blog.

January's theme was...


Here's what transpired as a result...

The Color of the Month was RED so I brought out that basket as the basis for my entry:


I searched for snowmen in my fabric stash and found a fun sparkly snowflake fabric, too:

Whoops!  After laying out my plan, I discovered there was a need for MORE scraps:

Where did you go from there, Joyful???

Those RED scraps were transformed into free-cut letters which spelled out the word...

Once those were arranged, a few white scraps got turned into circles:

Can you see where this is going???

I'm not telling!  I will say that stitching soon followed.  :o))

Wait for it.  Wait for it!!!

This winter-themed soap dispenser might have inspired me:

OK, OK...  Enough with the suspense...

Here is the stitched panel and the scrap of batting it was layered with:

Now, with input from my Design Assistant (DS2), I will need to decide on the proportions that work:

Trimming was followed by quilting, and binding:

About that binding...

I opted to forgo that for a no fuss, no muss stitch and flip finish:

Of course, I just HAD to go get a picture next to the snowbank that remains from last weekend's snowfall, shown above.  Below, I brought you in for a closer look:

Something's missing, Joyful!!!

You spotted that, did you?  You are absolutely right.  The snowy yard is a bit bland.  Those snowballs really should be a snowman, kind of like this fun fabric that I intended to use for the backing of my little mini:


... The too light bottom of my quilt meant saving the adorable snowman fabric for something else entirely and just when you thought I was done, I've got one more photo for you.  Why?  Because this little quilt is actually the latest mini quilt in my...

Words and Phrases series LINK HERE.

This is my completed entry for the January 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge:

My little mini has been named Some Assembly Required.
10.5" wide x 15.5" tall
Who said placemats have to read horizontally?!  :P

What's next, Joyful???

Another month is rapidly approaching.  We'll have to wait to discover the Color of the month, but...

February's theme is:


Color of the Month was later announced as AQUA/TEAL, so dig in!!

And now...

It's time for YOU to link up your RED and/or SNOWMEN project in the LINK PARTY below.  All entries MUST be submitted by Monday, January 31st @ 11:59PM (EST).

Until next time...
USE those table scraps!!!

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  1. Thank you for a fun challenge and your some assembly required snowman.

  2. Love the Some Assembly Required quilt! Great job.

  3. Your quilt is adorable! I love how you think outside the box. That snowbank is a bit unusual in your area; glad you took a picture with it. ~Jeanne

  4. That's so cute, Joy! I love the words you added to it - the perfect finish. Looks like you might have gotten enough snow there to make a snowman, too! Thanks for the link-up - I'd better get my post written!

  5. Agreed! Very Cute, Joyful. I love it. I'm assembling a little needlebook...would that qualify too for your table scrap challenge. I think so. Happy Stitching!!

  6. One of my favorite winter sayings! Now you have me intrigued! Words! ! Be still my heart!

  7. Oh How adorable!!! Some assembly.... I LOVE it!!!
    and you went global - that is even cooler.... I know a global friend now ;-) Your the best!!!

  8. Some assembly required--I love it! Very clever and cute!

  9. how entertaining you are! That was fun to read

  10. Ha!...Your little mini ‘Some Assembly Required’ had me giggling. Such a cute idea.

  11. You are just too clever for your own good. I couldn't get my act together this month.

  12. What an original idea. Brought a big grin to my face when I read your the name of this snowman mini. Great post!

  13. Sorry, my first link is my recently finished gray placemats. My second one is my red mats. What can I say, I don't always follow instructions!

  14. Improv, I guess that means any way we interpret it ?

  15. What a fun challenge! Snowmen was a great idea for January. Your “snowmen” look so Ute.

  16. Very fun! The words really set it all off! Good job!

  17. Cute idea!

    May I ask you a question about your sewing machine? From the photo it looks to be the same as mine. But I notice you have the foot pressure set quite low - it looks like it is on about 1? I've got mine set higher than that (because it was recommended), but it seems to give me some trouble, both with starting to sew patchwork pieces, and with going over seams. Would you recommend setting the pressure lower than the machine suggests?

  18. I just love your take on a snowman project! The words at the bottom--what a hoot. After this weekend there might be a lot of snowmen to assemble? (If the weather warms up enough for assembly to be possible.)

  19. That is so much fun, Joy! I am going to keep this in mind and watch for an inspirational prompt. Doing RSC will have me busy enough but you never know....

  20. I ADORE your "some assembly required" snowman... very creative quilt idea!

  21. How could this be more perfect? I'm just sorry it took me so long to link you in. How appropriate that I was delayed due to snow and your little snowman is right there to remind us how vulnerable we are to the weather. It is so sweet! Thanks for joining in the fun. Remember - NO pressure ever - just fun!


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