Saturday, November 30, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC19 - Week 48

Welcome to Week 48 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  As RSC19 comes to a close, be watching out for finishes galore.  Just not in my sewing room!  Although, I am still hoping to complete one last Jumbo Scrap Basket for the year.

Let's see how the last week of November panned out...

SUNDAY - Taking it easy today.  Mt. Washmore was but a mole hill this week.  Lucky thing, since I have managed to catch the crud!  Coughing and hacking took pride of place on my list of things to do today.  I'm medicated and hoping to recover quickly.

MONDAY - An update on Bonnie Hunter's Frolic Mystery from her blog...

grab button for Quiltville's Quips & Snips

... Concerning the Mystery Monday Link-Up for this year:

"But since it became hard to participate in the linky, or people just didn’t want to fill out forms the first time they participate, I have made the executive decision to link up through hashtags on Instagram only."

I don't really DO Instagram.  I know a LOT of people do!  IF there is time for me to quilt along, I guess I'll have to figure out what went wrong with my account.  Sigh...

TUESDAY - It was Bee night.  I took my computer to work on the Bee blog post...

... And took notebooks to draw out a few patterns:

Photo Not Currently Available!!!

Too bad I forgot what I was going to draw between home and the meeting place!!!  Ugh!  A mind is a terrible thing to lose.  :o((

WEDNESDAY - The day before Thanksgiving found me taking a trip to Raleigh to deliver my Pfaff back to the repair guy for another try at fixing my machine (since the first time left it noisier than when I dropped it off.)

Thank you, Matt and Amanda, for allowing me to use one of your classroom machines to complete a sewing task that has been stalled in my studio.  I depend on my Pfaff's built-in walking foot. I'm hopeless without it!

It's also Pie Day in BasketLand - not to be confused with Pi Day!!  LOL!!!  Pumpkin Pie Day to be exact.  It's a family favorite (and I needed to redeem myself after last year's Great Pie Fiasco.)

Note:  For those of you who do not know, Pumpkin Pie Mix is NOT the same as Solid Pack Pumpkin!!!  We ended up trashing the majority of last year's pie made from the offending mix.  :o((

THURSDAY - Got up early to prepare our family's Thanksgiving feast.  Here's hoping that YOU have (had) a happy!  Whether with family or friends or alone with your sewing machine.  (Honestly, the latter sounds somewhat delicious.)

FRIDAY - Bonnie Hunter released Part 1 of her Frolic Mystery.  Off to check the scrap stores up in the studio...

... But first, I needed to load this client quilt:

Also, choose a thread color to prepare for quilting:


I had a brilliant idea about what I might use for my Frolic Mystery!!  Which led to digging out this bag:

What was in the bag, Joyful???

It was filled with the remnants of my very first BH Mystery:

After taking stock...

And comparing my fabrics to Bonnie's list of requirements, I realized that if the yellow fabrics were removed and the colors reassigned, I would have just what I needed for this year's quilt:

SATURDAY - It's the final LINK PARTY of November!  Head over to Angela's So Scrappy blog to see what new rainbow finishes have occurred this week.

Until next time...


  1. Look at you, repurposing that fabric for a different mystery! Yay! Good luck frolicking. What pattern are you using for your jumbo scrap baskets?

  2. Blame the memory loss on the meds! What fun fabrics and love that you can repurpose them into this mystery! Have fun sewing, I'll just follow your progress.

  3. Oh! Now you got me curious! On which post can I see your first BH Mystery quilt? The fabrics look great together and I would like to see the quilt they made together. Have a great weekend with lots of pumpkin pie, lol. ;^)

  4. Looking forward to seeing your mystery quilt come together. Good luck with Instagram. I set up an account once, but that is as far as I ever got with that. Time marches on though and we must all adapt!

  5. like finding a dollar bill in a coat pocket!!! Always fun to see what you're doing all week. LeeAnna

  6. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, and tasty pumpkin pie this year! I'll look forward to seeing how your pretty scraps come together for the BH mystery, too.

  7. Good luck with your Pfaff! I love mine, and like you, I don't ever want to be without it. Have fun with the BH mystery!

  8. Can't believe you've fallen into the BH trap. Again. I'll do it vicariously through you.

  9. Hope you are doing better! You have inspired me to do a fabric pull for Frolic!

  10. I've never done Instagram either, but as of last night I have an account and have posted a pic. I don't have a smart phone (I live in a dead zone, so why bother?) and IG doesn't work on computers, so I'm using my Kindle to wade into these new waters. We'll see how this goes.
    And I love the fact that your mystery quilt fabrics are pre-pulled! Good for you!

  11. That is great that the mystery colors are so similar and you have scraps you can use. Both of your quilts will look great together!

  12. Oo, I like your fabric pull! Past Joy was just really ahead of the curve, getting that all ready for Present Joy. I'm sorry you have ANOTHER crud, yuck! I don't do Instagram, either. I have an account, but found it made me cranky to use it, so it's dormant for now.

  13. I was a bit surprised at BH going solely with Instagram too as I don't have an account. But at least we can see sharing on FB! Glad your pumpkin pie turned out fabulous this year (after last year's, I'm sure everyone agreed!). It's a family fav here too and it always amazes me at how easy it is to make. Throw all ingredients (included solid packed pumpkin) in a bowl, mix it up, throw it in the pie shell & bake! No need to bother Mrs. Smith on this one either! Lol!

  14. Love your colors. Last year i went with my own colors and ended up with a quilt i hated so i am going with Bonnie's colors this year. I ditched facebook when they started giving our info to political parties but i miss the quilting groups there. I reluctantly reactivated my insta for the mystery. I would be happier if facebook divested instagram

  15. Sorry the machine is back in for repair, that has to be frustrating. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have had a few minutes to stitch this week.


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