Friday, November 8, 2019

Design Floor Friday - November's Sew/Craft Friends-zy

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  I'm here to share a joyful reunion.  After some time in the hospital, my beloved Pfaff has been returned to me:

After the photo above, I plugged the meeting place into my GPS (just to be sure) and was off to November's Sew/Craft Friends-zy.  I immediately began catching up on what I'd missed...

Denise has started a new quilt:

The scrapbookers are in the house:

WAIT!!!  Kristen wanted a picture with "wolfie" fingers for NC State - who may have had a football game today:

The "Plarn" table was set up for plastic bag collection: 

Britt has plans for another type of bag...

... Once she gets her machine put back together:

Lisa is working on a UFO:

Tiffany is working... on WORK!!  She's leaving on vacation soon:

This is the (19 year old) group quilt that Lisa is adding to:

I made that Honey Bee block right under Lisa's smiling face:

This is Tiffany's recently completed UFO that earned a ribbon in the NC State Fair last month:

Here is a closer look at the fun quilting that Tiffany did on her new longarm quilting machine:

And for her next trick?  Miniature Backpacks for the Craft Show:

They will be joined by a table full of other fun items:

Oh!  Take a LOOK at her supply of zippers:

Lois is busy working on a set of quilt blocks:

Britt "squared up" the pieces for one of her bag projects:

Denise is making strip sets for THIS quilt:

These are the blocks that Lois is working on:

Carol isn't here right now, but we can see that she has more work to do on her latest family quilt:

Oh!  Here she is!  She had to make a quick trip home:

Strip sets.  LOTS of strip sets will occupy Denise's day:

She's working with these gorgeous fabrics:

One of the Plarn "Sleeping Mats" is coming right along:

The Artist is "throwing" clay today:

Talking (and listening) is all part of the crafting process:

Denise made a new small pin cushion with some off-cut HSTs:

Kristen brought Candy Corn M&Ms to join the crew:

Joy is applying binding to a new Quilted Scrap Basket:

The final step is stitching the binding down:

Lisa adds a border to her Bucket Swap Bee Quilt:

Tiffany finishes up another custom "Fish Extender" for a client:

Britt moves on to bag number two of the day:

I finished my JUMBO Quilted Scrap Basket for my BROWN bits.  Whoops!!  A few days too late for DARK month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

The "official" Dark month for the RSC may be over, but it was fun to put these scraps to good use...

... Side One... And Side Two of a new Scrappy Pin Cushion:

Britt's pretty Floral Bag is coming together...

... As is Lisa's 19 year old UFO:

It's SEW pretty, Lisa!!  LOVE the creative setting that was used:

Britt shows off a Bonus Pin Cushion from her Bag scraps:

Speaking of bags... Here are the TWO that Britt made today:

Tiffany plans to make more of these Notion Kits:

She's currently in Wallet production mode:

With her quilt top done, Lisa moved on to another UFO:

Joy laid out the rows (with sashing) for her "Ella" Quilt:

See???  The Design Floor Friday theme really DOES fit this post!!

Denise developed a system for her Strippy Squares:

Patty is in Craft Show production mode, too:

Tiffany is pleased to have completed a stack of Snap Wallets:

She then moved on to Mini Backpack Keychains:

... While Britt makes progress on her version of On Ringo Lake:

Here's her freshly pieced stack of blocks:

As the night wears on, I'm getting closer to a completed quilt top:

It's ready for the two long borders:

Lisa completed this stack of scrappy 9-Patch blocks...

... And pressed the seams so they would be ready to assemble into a quilt:

Just ONE more long seam on my quilt:

(The top of) My "Ella" Quilt is ready to be loaded on the longarm:

Lisa is pin basting yet another UFO:

This is her, suggesting that I help with completing the task:

OK, Lisa!  After a floor shot of my now-completed quilt top:

Until next time...
Be SEW Crafty!!!


  1. Y'all sure get a lot accomplished!

  2. Wow, your Sew/Craft Friend-zy group is a productive bunch! You have done a great job on your scrap baskets,

  3. Wow! Lots of stitching going on. Glad your sewing buddy is back from surgery and ready to go. Those coffee M&Ms are the SITs newest obsession. I've been charged to make sure there are plenty in the house when she's home for Thanksgiving.

  4. I really like your Ella quilt! Is that the name of the pattern? Lisa's UFO is giving me more ideas for orphan block layouts... :)


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