Monday, October 5, 2015

Summer 2015 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results

Summer 2015 UFO Club

The Summer 2015 UFO Club is now CLOSED. Any interested quilters with 5 (or more) UFOs were required to sign up by Midnight (EDT) on July 7, 2015. All qualifying UFOs must be completed and posted to this discussion thread by Midnight (EDT) on September 30, 2015.

Membership (24):
SEND (4):
andimc13: 2 completed projects
jrnylst: 3 completed projects
NO SEND (20): 
basketcase9702: 2 completed projects
sockjeannieous: 3 completed projects
freshwaterfibers: 2 completed projects
hexiemum: 4 completed projects
zookeeper74: 2 completed projects
Innerpeace1081: 9 completed projects 
monicarose51: 2 completed projects
kris7: 6 completed projects
CatWithCats: 1 completed project
alewisin: 2 completed projects
amalberti: 5 completed projects
JanniePooh: 1 completed project
Session Totals: 14 quilters completed 44 projects. Congrats! to Monicarose51 for completing her 2nd project of the session. Finishing on the LAST DAY in the Summer 2015 UFO Club, earning her the title of our “Queen of the Last Minute”!!!!
Congrats! to ALL of our quilting friends, those completing quilts, as well as those who made little to no progress. Sometimes life just has a way of getting in the way of our quilting!!  Thank you to those of you who cheered us along, too.  You make our efforts all the more sweet!
While we didn't have a record number of participants during this quarter (the record is 27), nor a record number of finishes (the current record is 46 finishes during the Spring 2014 session), we DID have a record-breaking session!!
Congrats! goes out to Innerpeace81.  She is our new record holder for the greatest number of finishes by any participant... EVER!!!  Sorry, MamaPro!  She beat your Fall 2014 record of EIGHT finishes in a session.
Will anyone up the ante next semester???  Only time will tell...

Until then...
Happy finishing!!!

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