Friday, October 2, 2015

Design Floor Friday - Been There, Done That

As you may or may not recall, Friday is my day for Knit Group.  Today was no different!  I took myself down to the coffee shop where my friends and I spend each Friday morning, only to find that no one was there!!

Where was everyone, Joyful???

Well, there's a NEW brew in town!!!  It seems that I missed the memo that we were trying out the new coffee shop this morning.  :o((

Alas, it's not far from our old haunt and I was able to meet up with the others.

I digress...

You've probably come to The Joyful Quilter blog to see what's on the Design Floor this week!!

THIS is what you've been waiting for...


Yes, we've "been there, done that", as this quilt has been featured before now.  I'm just "keeping it real"... since it OFTEN takes a LONG time to complete a quilt.

Here's hoping that you don't mind when I revisit a project here on the blog!  If you do, let me know (and I'll direct you to my Quilt Bee's Blog.  We show quilts again and again because most of our members maintain that they NEVER get tired of seeing quilts and LOVE to see them in various stages of production.)

Oops!!  That's what I was SUPPOSED to be focusing on (as the deadline is fast approaching!)

What I was REALLY working on was... my Custom Tote Bags:

When these T-shirts are FINALLY transformed, they are SEW worth all the effort they take to make. Here's hoping that ALL of the bags are done next week (so I can get back to quilting!!!)

Until next time...
It's (almost) QUILTING time!!!  :o))

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