Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - CCLQ @ The Bluff

Welcome to another installment of Wonderful Wednesday!!

This week's post is about the trip that my Quilt Group took last week... ALL WEEK!!!  I'll try to be brief and you can fill in the gaps by following this LINK to my Quilt Bee's Blog.  I'm planning on posting an in-depth account of our daily adventures every day for a week.

It was a wonderful week and, as my friend Candy said, we had a BLAST @ The Bluff!!!

What on EARTH are you talking about, Joyful???

Here's what I'm talking about...

Make a list, pack your bags, we're going on a Quilt Retreat... CCLQ @ The Bluff to be exact:

Six of quilters traveled in two cars (there was luggage and sewing machines, you know!) to Denver, PA and then shopped til we dropped the next day.  We took in three quilt shops in the Lancaster, PA area, ate, slept, and then got back on the road.

Our destination???  Upstate New York.  It's a LONG way, but SEW worth it!!!

After HOURS of driving and a brief rest, six tired quilters were greeted with THIS:

Most of the other photos are in somewhat random order.  Sorry about that, but I have to be at work early, so there's no time to fix it.

Here we have a rest area with views that are "quilt worthy":

The Lost Dog Cafe, Binghamton, NY:

How PERFECT is that?!?!  I'm knitting on my Mystery of the Traveling Scarf in the car:

On our first trip to the lake, we saw a sign...  STOP... Edge of Bluff:

Beyond the sign...  The Quilt Cottage:

Oh, LOOK!!!  My purchases from Lancaster:

I see the Dining Cottage, but...  Where's the lake, Joyful???

THIS was the view from the Sewing Porch:

Hey, everybody!!!  Don't you wish you were me???  :P

Obviously, this shot was taken on our trip to the beach:

It certainly doesn't look like any other beach I've ever seen!  That rocky shoreline:

A view of the bay, through the trees:

A somewhat less than spectacular sunset, but still pretty:

Especially, on the edge of nightfall:

Late night stitching on the sewing porch... with NeedleB, of course:

Another day, another moment to commit to memory:

There were quilts on EVERY bed:

I revealed the Retreat Challenge.  Quilters were asked to make SOMETHING from these awesome embellished mono prints that my talented friend, Jean, helped me make.  My idea, her supplies:

There were Door Prizes, too!  Thanks to Katharine, Ruth S., and Mae Ann:

Off the edge of The Bluff (and 30 miles away) is Canada:

Does anyone have a CLUE what this plant is???  Donna and Deborah found this curious, soft-spike, vine-growing plant in the back yard when we were taking group photos:

And for your science lesson for today...  Deborah's Google magic revealed that the mysterious plant is a Wild Cucumber.  Have a look at the inside:

Oh!  How I will miss the view from the Sewing Porch.  SEW beautiful:

The living room of the Quilt Cottage was transformed into 4 cutting stations:

Six happy quilters and their Hostess-with-the-Mostest:

The three who made CCLQ @ The Bluff a dream come true:

Another stunner...  Our farewell sunset:

CCLQ @ Sundown over Lake Ontario:

This quilt was purchased at an antique shop for $80!!!  SEW sweet of a deal:

Full moon???  If not, it's VERY close to it:

These stick forts could be found all around The Bluff:

One last view of the lake before we head for points south:

It was brighter in real life!  Shining waters of a river along our drive back to Pennsylvania:

One more sunset, as we mark the "halfway-home" point, near Carlisle, PA:

Kenzo Asian-Fusion, a MUST, if you find yourself anywhere near Chambersburg, PA:

I hope you enjoyed the sights and sounds of our trip to The Bluff.  (I know that I did!!!)

Until next time...

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