Saturday, September 19, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 38

Welcome to Week 38 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It's another FULL week of work for me. The LAST one before I go away on a Quilt Retreat!!!  Although, I will only be working ONE of my jobs, so I'm hopeful that I will be able to fit in a bit of RSC sewing (along with making progress on my custom tote bags.)

Take a look at how my hopes were (fulfilled or smashed to smithereens, as the case may be):

A small portion of SUNDAY afternoon was devoted to taking a picture of the Tiny Nines (that I didn't sew yesterday!!)  The GOOD news is that I added to the collection of prepped blocks:

AND did some sewing.  I made ONE Rainbow Crumb Block:

My friend, Needleb, was over working with her Sizzix machine, so I got busy on my Tiny Nines:

Aren't these SIX Tiny Nines adorable in ORANGE:

Then I found that Angela had posted a new tutorial:

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler - Whirler

MONDAY began another work week, but it turns out that I didn't have to go to work!  Instead of doing ANY of the things that I should be doing, I spent a few moments making ONE String Block in ORANGE:

Then meeting up with my knitting friends ended up taking precedent over sewing.  (It was urgent!  I had a shirt that needed to be mailed out.) The next excuse was that I just HAD to stop at the grocery store, but when I returned home... there was work to be done... on my tote bag project:

Before that, I went for a polish change because it was chipping away.  Unfortunately, it appears that I should have sprung for a pedicure, but it IS a lovely shade of ORANGE... be sure to note that I am TOTALLY in the RSC spirit with my Rainbow sandals, too:

I did combine the bits that I put together from Saturday's "scrap infusion" with an incomplete block from another day to make ONE Rainbow Crumb Block, just to sneak in a bit more FUN:

Before work on WEDNESDAY, I took a few minutes to audition some fabrics for a Maverick Star Block.  Which option do YOU like better?  Why??

The Spotty Center or...

The Darker Center:

I was in a "Crumb-y" mood after work, so... I made THREE Rainbow Crumb Blocks to get into the sewing groove:

Oh, look what Angela posted today!  The next RSC Sampler Block Tutorial:

Sawtooth Sampler - Twirling Four Patch

I made REAL progress on the first 2 of my Custom Tote Bags.  Both are ready to be assembled:

I can't show more than this right now, as one of the recipients wishes to be surprised, so I used an older photo.  My manicure now match my pedicure.  :o))

THURSDAY, after Quilt Group work, I made ONE Rainbow Crumb Block:

And got to work on FINISHED  2 of my T-shirt Tote Bags before dinner:

Then decided that I preferred the contrast of the Darker Center and assembled ONE Maverick Star Block:

This FRIDAY ended my work week and resumed my regularly scheduled attendance at Knit Group!! After lunch with "the girls," I wanted to use more of the scraps from Dee Dee so I made ONE Rainbow Crumb Block using some of the darker pieces in the baggie:

There's a HOME football game tonight, so I have to go feed that hungry Marching Band!!  Drat and blast!!  WHY did I raise my hand to volunteer???  I'm missing out on valuable sewing time.  :o((

SATURDAY came and I joined the LINK PARTY at Angela's So Scrappy Blog.  I'm lucky link number 13 this week.  Make sure you pop over to check out all of the ORANGE scrappy goodness. The page is filled with bright, cheerful ORANGE project for your viewing pleasure!

I did a bit of sewing (when I should have been packing) and I made ONE String Block in ORANGE to round out the week:

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Wonderful scrappy week. Your toes just make me smile

  2. Lots of fun scrappy sewing last week, even if it doesn't seem like you got much done.

  3. Love the orange toenails! Great orange scrappiness - I think that dotty center is crying for its own Maverick Star!

  4. You really are getting the orange going! All those crumbs and strips and totes and star add up to a busy week, I would say. The tee shirt totes are so clever, first I have seen.

  5. I was going to say the spotty center, but you already chose the dark - which looks grand BTW. Love the orange polish!

  6. Lots of orange fun this week at your house. Especially the toes. Awesome!


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