Saturday, September 12, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 37

Welcome to Week 37 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week is filled with enough work hours to make my head spin.  If I get much RSC sewing done, it will be a miracle!!

Would you care to follow me through the week?  Here goes:

YOU will absolutely NOT believe what I did on SUNDAY!!!  I don't know what came over me, really.  I actually...

WAIT!!  Can I trust you not to scold me??


Here goes.  I stayed in bed almost all day and read a book from cover to cover.  300-something pages!!  I'm not sure that I have EVER done that before (and certainly didn't have time for such extravagant behavior, in light of the custom tote bag orders hang over my head!)  I just wasn't feeling the love for sewing and have learned that it's best left for another day (no matter HOW busy the week promises to be!!) It's too easy to make mistakes when "my head's not in it" and when I'm sewing for others, I feel that I need to be in top form.

Once I came up for air (and to cook a LATE dinner), I climbed the stairs to the sewing room, but only managed to prep TWO Tiny Nines:

MONDAY was the Labor Day holiday in America.  I celebrated by... WORKING!!!  LOL

I did, however, manage to get off early and get home in time to go with DH to take DS1 back to college.  (We invited DS2 to come along, but he declined.)  DH and I offered to take our college student to dinner before dropping him "back dorm."  (Too bad he ate before leaving home... date night, here we come!!)  If you are ever in the Cary, NC area, we highly recommend Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe.  I've been there 3 times, had a different menu item each time, and have NEVER been disappointed.  YUM!!!

On TUESDAY, I worked half the day and then went to a chiropractic appointment, as the tendonitis in my shoulder is acting up again.  The result?  I was forced to rest for the remainder of the day and ice the area periodically.  :o((

I did have a few minutes between my small grocery run and my chiro-cruncher appointment.  :o))

Here is what I got done... ONE String Block in ORANGE:

WEDNESDAY was my LONG day.  I went to one job in the morning and the other in the evening.  That didn't leave any time for RSC sewing.  :o((

On THURSDAY... Surprise!!!  Joyful is off to work (when she should be off to Quilt Group.)  :o((

Work was followed by a quick grocery run and taking care of some household business.  And... I managed to complete ONE Slab Block in ORANGE (pictured here, on the ironing board):

FRIDAY is SUPPOSED to be Knit Group, but we opted for Girls' Night Out this week.  I couldn't have gone, anyway!  I was scheduled to work.  Again.  (Hooray for pay day!)  :o))

I didn't have too late of a day, but it turned out that I was WAY too tired to sew.  :o((

I did, however, take a few minutes to cut some background squares for my Tiny Nines.  From this odd shaped (6") piece...

I made some cuts to "square it up" ...

Took away the non-square bits...

And... Ended up with 10 usable 1" background squares:

SATURDAY is here and it's time to join Angela's LINK PARTY.  I hope you will venture over to the So Scrappy Blog to see what lovely ORANGE goodness the other RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  Look for me at link number 18.  I'm off to take a look around and be inspired...

AFTER my monthly Quilt Bee meeting!!  :o))

Until next time...
Get scrappy!!!


  1. I hope you get some actual sewing time soon!

  2. Some weeks you just don't get into the sewing room much but there's always next week.

  3. Good for you taking that reading break! We have to listen to our bodies more, I believe. After all, if we don't, who will? And you still "qualify" for the RSC15. Good going!

  4. I agree with Paula. Good for you taking that reading break.

  5. Those are pretty cool orange blocks - love them. I spent all of Sunday reading, too!


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