Saturday, October 31, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 44

Welcome to Week 44 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  We are approaching the end of the challenge.  Only ONE more Color of the Month for this year (and then comes time to put everything together!)  Angela, over on the So Scrappy Blog, has been our fearless leader and constant cheerleader throughout the year.  YOU may want to consider joining in the fun for next year, as I have NEVER BEFORE had SEW much FUN playing with my fabric scraps!!!

This week's post may (or may not) contain October's Month in Review.  It will depend on how productive I am...

On SUNDAY, after breakfast, I headed up to the sewing room to put in a full day's work on my Custom Tote Bags.  As you might know, I got sidetracked!!!

MONDAY was filled with work... just NOT in the sewing room.  :o((

This TUESDAY, I made a big effort to complete the "2nd Sewing" Custom Tote Bag Order.  I made some good progress, but didn't QUITE finish:

The evening included the monthly meeting of NT Nights.  We always have an enjoyable time at our local library.  Tonight, I was joined by 7 quilters and we had a TON of FUN!!  I worked on BROWN:

I had hoped that WEDNESDAY would include a trip to the Post Office to mail off Tote Bags... It almost happened!  I got ALL the various parts done and started the assembly, but didn't finish all of the bags.  :o((

It's THURSDAY and I am off on another adventure, but first, I was up at O-Dark-Thirty to work for a couple of hours, my weekly Quilt Group got canceled and I had DS2 drop off treats at school for tonight's Face-to-Face teacher conferences.  Then... I packed up my stuff, dropped off the Custom Totes at the post office, and headed out of town.

Several of "the girls" from my Knit Group gathered for a trip to SAFF.  Others from our online community will be joining us tomorrow, but last year, we discovered the joy in getting there early to relax before the BIG event.  Peaceful knitting, along with a glass of wine (or two!), is DEFINITELY the way to go, if you can swing the extra time.

FRIDAY was a LONG day of Fiber Fun!!!  Complete with schlepping all around the show,
 collecting door prizes, and enjoying the Ravelry party after dinner.

On SATURDAY, I got up early to join Angela's LINK PARTY and promptly forgot that it was Saturday!!  Sorry for the photo-free post.  Boring, huh???  I'll try to fix it tomorrow when I get home.

(Oops!  I got home TOO LATE and went straight to bed.  But let me tell you, I am ready for a bit of play time with our NEW Color of the Month!!!)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

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