Saturday, October 3, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 40

Welcome to Week 40 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It's transition week.  Another Color of the Month began its reign.  I spent the week playing catch up from being away last week.

SUNDAY afternoon came and went.  I arrived home from retreat, made dinner, and went to bed. Meanwhile, Angela posted the...

October Color Announcement

On MONDAY, I got up and made lunches for the guys, breakfast for myself, and went back to bed!!

After a nice little nap, I was ready to face my day.  The first order of business was posting on our Quilt Bee blog (so the "ones left behind" could see what the travelers got up to in Lancaster.)  You can read about it HERE, if you are so inclined.

With that complete, it was off to the studio to get everything set back in its proper place and to see what kind of trouble I can get into today.  :o))

TUESDAY morning found my back on the computer...  Atempting to download the rest of the photos from my phone and then upload them onto the blog.  Who KNEW that it would take SEW LONG?!?

WEDNESDAY was set aside for making progress on my Custom Tote Bags:

Now, if I can just figure out the design dilemma on Bag Number Three, I can put these together:

October is coming.  If you didn't follow the Color Announcement link, the Color of the Month is:

We were told to use anything from "paper bag" brown-beige to rich dark chocolate-brown and everything in between.  (And beyond... to espresso (nearly black!)  Here are the scrappy bits and pieces that I have to work with during the month of October:

But first...

It's time for September's Month in Review...

ONE (1) Maverick Star Block:

FOUR (4) Slab Blocks:

SIX (6) String Blocks:

EIGHT (8) Tiny Nines:

Totaling NINETEEN (19) quilt blocks during ORANGE month (as shown in this composite pic):

It may not SEEM like a lot, but consider how few ORANGE scraps remain:

But, WAIT!!  There's MORE...

I also made SEVEN (7) Rainbow Crumb Blocks:

19 + 7 = 26

SEW... my adjusted total was TWENTY-SIX (26) ORANGE blocks made during September:

The rest of my week went something like this...

On THURSDAY morning, I was at work at O-dark-thirty, but only for a couple of hours!  After that, it was off to Quilt Group.  Thank goodness for friends with mathematical minds!  I believe that Joanna has solved the problem that I created with Bag Number Three:

Sorry!!!  There was NO time for digging into the BROWN basket today.  :o((

FRIDAY is generally set aside for Knit Group until after lunchtime.  Today, the knitting was cut short so that I could go have lunch with DS1 at college (and bring him home for the weekend!)

When we got home, I got to work on the laundry and spent some time finishing up this post (between load changes, that is!)  Too bad there wasn't any time left for BROWN sewing.  :o((

On SATURDAY, after attacking (what's left of ) Mt. Washmore, I joined Angela's LINK PARTY.  If you haven't been to So Scrappy Blog, it's high time you got yourself over there to check out what the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is all about! This week you'll find me at link number 8. Go, NOW!!  I'm heading up to the sewing room to get a start on BROWN month.  (At least, that's the plan!)   :o))

Until next time...
Get scrappy!!!

September = ORANGE = Productivity

Then sprinkle in a RAINBOW of Crumbs... unfortunately, the difference is nearly imperceptible!!!


  1. Great wrap up! I think I can put away my oranges and pull out the browns from the scrap pile this weekend. I can't wait.

  2. You stitched LOTS of good things last month - here's to the month ahead!

  3. Bright and beautiful recap of the oranges. Looks like you are all set and ready to roll on brown.

  4. You certainly got a lot done in September! Everything's looking great!

  5. Orange you glad you wrapped up September so beautifully. Looks like you're all ready to bring on the brown!

  6. A very impressive orange production. Good luck with the brown!

  7. Great wrap up! A most productive month. Love your blocks. Looking forward to brown blocks and more colorful blocks, too.

  8. Your orange blocks are so joyful, they put me in a good mood just looking at them.
    Enjoy your October browns!

  9. always so much to show. Girl! you get er done. LeeAnna

  10. I love all your oranges. (I'm going to miss orange...) You got a ton done!

  11. I need a nap now after seeing all you did in a week. What a wonderful bounty of orange.

  12. Wow, you used a lot of orange last month. Hope you have time for playing with your brown scraps this next week.

    Mt. Washmore? Love it! Unfortunately it's way too true!

  13. Those 19 orange blocks look like enough for a cute little kid's quilt! Lovely variety.

  14. Look at all those wonderful Orange blocks!!!! I love the variety!


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