Friday, October 23, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 43

Welcome to Week 43 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I'm not making any predictions about how productive I may or may not be this week.  I still have several Custom CK Tote Bags to complete and would like to get them done (and out the door) before I head off to SAFF!!!

What's SAFF, Joyful???

That stands for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.  It's held in Asheville, North Carolina each fall and I've been attending with knitting friends for the last 4 years or so.  Basically, it's...

A really BIG shopping mall for knitters, spinners, and weavers.  With livestock, contests, and classes thrown in for good measure.  :o))

Here's how the week played out...

On SUNDAY there was NO TIME for sewing.  RSC sewing or otherwise.  I worked all afternoon and crashed right after dinner.  Sometimes you just NEED to listen to your body... even if it's telling you to go to bed at 8 PM!!!

I mentioned in last week's post that I was off to Quilt Bee.  Well, after coffee, chatting and making our way around the circle for Show and Tell...

Needleb brought out a small bag and mentioned that she had a few more trips to make.  Well, it turned out that my quilting friends threw their "Scrap Queen" a surprise 50th birthday party:

Complete with a GIANT cake...

And enough scraps to fill my huge IKEA bag!!!  On Sunday morning, I did spend a few minutes before work sorting though THIS:

If only a SMALL bag of scraps makes me happy, can you IMAGINE how excited I was to be the lucky recipient of ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL SCRAPS?!?!?!  Thank you, again, Nimble Thimbles Quilters!!!  BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER!!!

MONDAY morning was made easier by my going to bed early last night.  I didn't keep track of what kept me busy during the day so I'm not quite sure what I have to share with you.  Sorry!!  I may not LOOK 50, but I am SO 50 in my memory power (or lack thereof!!)  All I know is that I was off to work at 5:00 and didn't get home until late.  (Thank goodness I got plenty of rest LAST night!!!)

Oh, wait!  Now I remember... I did a grocery run (followed by a bit of RSC sewing.  I completed TWO Tiny Nines:

And TWO Maverick Star Block in RED for Alycia's Quilt of Valor Block Drive:

TUESDAY began like most days, but transformed into anything BUT!!  I got called in to work (on my day off) and it threw off my whole day.  Gone were the final touches on my latest CK Bag and POOF! went my trip to the Post Office.  :o((

I did manage to sew a few stitches... between work and the most important event of the day...  Just enough stitches to complete ONE Slab Block in BROWN:

Why, yes.  It is the partner block to one that I made last week.  You know... the OTHER block that looks more like a Crumb Block than a Slab!!!  :P

After a quick dinner, it was time for DS2 and I to head off to the Fall Band Concert.  I volunteered to help with CD sales.  It was my first time EVER!  So... I needed to be there early.

It was a beautiful evening of music (since, of course, one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE musicians was performing!)  Thanks for a wonderful night, DS2 and members of all 4 CRHS ensembles!!

WEDNESDAY was spent sewing.  This and that...  First, I put the finishing touches on the Custom CK Tote (that I had intended to get out the door YESTERDAY.)

And then, headed off to the Post Office to ship this off:

 Afterwards, I did some RSC sewing, too.  :o))

I completed not ONE...

But TWO more Slab Blocks in BROWN:

I was SEW motivated that I put together ONE String Block in BROWN, too:

For some reason, THURSDAY (and the events thereof) keeps disappearing from the page.  This is the THIRD time that I have typed it in, so we'll see if it sticks!!


I went off to Quilt Group, sewed a label on a quilt, took pics for the group blog, and came home to add them and write up the post.  (If it this doesn't appear in my RSC post, maybe you'll just assume that it was a "normal" Thursday.)  TOO weird, though!

YIKES!!! It's FRIDAY already (and I'm not quite sure how we got here!!)  DS2 had a late jazz rehearsal since there was no school today. I set my alarm... for the NORMAL time!!  Ugh!!!

I had an appointment during the midday and DS2 had Marching Band in the evening (which means volunteer hours for me.)  The good news is that I had a chunk of time to do some mindless sewing during the afternoon hours.  No RSC progress, though.  :o((

SATURDAY morning, I joined Angela's LINK PARTY.  If you have time, I would recommend that you follow the link to see what all of the Rainbow Scrap Quilters have been up to this week.  You will find me at link number 2 this week... all because of Thursday's disappearing act.  Oh well, I don't mind being second to the lovely Katie Z!!  I'll have a look later, as I'm off to work concessions at one of our local college football games.  (Yet another volunteer opportunity because of DS2's involvement in band.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Wow, busy week! Your slabs and strings look great.

  2. Happy birthday. What a great group of quilters to make it a special day for you. Lots of brown scraps getting used up and volunteer hours put in. Good job!

  3. happy scrappy birthday. That's a hilarious gift and one any scrap lover would have a field day with. Leeanna

  4. You still managed to get quite a bit done, despite the whirlwind of activity. Slabs, crumbs and strings, all the flavors of scrap blocks. So much fun.

  5. Happy birthday! What a perfect gift!
    Someday I'll go to SAFF - it sounds like such fun. Have a great time!

  6. Happy Birthday! Seems like your friends really know you well.

    I remember those busy weeks with school stuff. Now that Drama Teen is driving I don't have to be out and about as much.

  7. ♫♪ Happy ♪♪ Birthday ♫ to ♪♫ Joy ♪♪
    Glad to see it was an excellent day. You have the best kind of friends. Enjoy the scraps. ;^)

  8. A great busy week with a wonderful birthday to top it off! And you will remember it for a long time with all those bags of scraps to enjoy.

  9. Happy birthday! What a lovely surprise and what a great excuse to make more of your lovely blocks :)

  10. Busy week but what a wonderful birthday present you got! Enjoy playing with those scraps.

  11. Happy Scrappy Belated Birthday wishes. That is the most perfect gift for a scrappy girl.

  12. Belated birthday wishes - glad you survived another BUSY week!

  13. Happy belated birthday. I'm waaay older than you! I'm jealous of your birthday gift. I know you will put them to good use.

  14. Happy Birthday! A bit late, but it looks like you had a GOOD one. All those wonderful scraps. (Yeah. I'm way older than you, too.)
    Loving all your blocks.


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