Friday, June 5, 2015

Design Floor Friday - Challenged

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  I've got an Art Bee meeting coming up tomorrow and it was requested that we bring any progress on our Strip Insertion Challenge quilts.

This is a problem because...

 I haven't really made any progress!!

Until now...

Therefore, that project is the one that occupies the design floor today:

You can see my color cards for the Guild's Paint Chip Challenge in the lower right.  I'm combining the two challenges into ONE quilt.  While that is a challenge in itself, I'm also trying to make it MODERN... a technique that I have very little (read NO) experience in designing.

Here's a reminder of where my entry seemed to be going originally, a scattered "waterfall" effect over the surface of the quilt:

It appears to want to be BIGGER and BOLDER than I originally thought.  I've sketched out some ideas and THIS will be my submission at tomorrow's meeting:

The first design is (loosely) based on my friend Candy's recent Convergence Quilt (which was inspired by Ricky Tims' book on that technique):

The second design was inspired by Angela at SoScrappy blog.  Her blog is filled with MANY wonderful quilts and she used this background technique on her 2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Quilt.  Click to see the quilt.  It gives a TOTALLY modern feel to a sampler quilt!

I have another idea, but didn't draw it out for you (or me!)  As you well know, the completed quilt may end up looking COMPLETELY different, anyway!!  Such is the nature of designing a quilt of one's own, as opposed to using a commercial pattern for a quilt.  At least, that's how it works for me!!


Until next time...
Be creative!!!

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