Friday, June 12, 2015

Design Floor Friday - Challenged {Again!}

Welcome to another installment of Design Floor Friday!!  This week, we find my "Challenged" Quilt in a different form.  The plan has solidified and now decisions must be made regarding color disbursement.

Would YOU like to take a look at the choices?

Sure, Joyful.  Bring them on!

Option One (which DS1 said resembled a box of fancy chocolates) seems to call for an addition "layer" of color, be it purple or brown:

Option Two brought the purples together, but placed the gold/brown sections in a repeating arrangement at either end on the quilt:

Option Three placed both browns by the purple (leaving the golds on the ends):

Option Four changes the color placement once again (with the browns on either end):

What do YOU think?!  Do you have a favorite?  PLEASE share it by posting a comment!!

I'm looking for suggestions of which layout appears to work best for a modern aesthetic.  (Not necessarily block placement, but background color flow.)  I have an idea, but I'm not willing to commit to it at the moment.  I will say this much, when DH walked by he said that it looked like a Modern Quilt.  (He also threw in, "and not like one of your quilts AT ALL.")

My response???

"PERFECT!!  That's JUST what I was going for!!"


I feel like I'm on the right track.  The goal of the Paint Chip Challenge portion of this project (besides using the colors of the color cards drawn from the bag) was to use a technique that you haven't used before.

That particular requirement took some serious thought because I've been quilting for a LONG time and I have tried a GREAT NUMBER of techniques along the way!


That opens a whole can of worms, but I'll leave it at this...  In all of my years of quilting, I have NEVER before set out to make a Modern style quilt.

Until next time...
Step outside your comfort zone!!!


general impressions
1 choppy
2 out of balance
3 open and airy
4 seems to leave the quilt feeling a bit boxed in
interesting... the art bee unnanimously voted for option three


  1. I'm not sure. It is looking good either way.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment... even if you didn't have a favorite! :o))


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