Saturday, June 13, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 24

Welcome to Week 24 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week was a little different from the norm.  I actually had a "regular" DAY OFF (and I liked it.)  It came with one regular day and a double, but it brought my sewing opportunities to an all-time high.

Shall I walk you through my week?

SUNDAY - No RSC sewing... unless you count the TWENTY-NINE (29) Crumb Blocks that I completed.  It began yesterday with digging in a scrap bin, so I think it SHOULD count...

Here are the growing blocks coming off the machine:

Blocks (ready for trimming):

See??  LOOK!!  Crumbs (some of the smallest scraps):

And MANY incorporate the LIGHT BLUE Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month!!

All of this prompted  a MAJOR sorting project while talking on the phone with a friend.  I realize that it looks like a BIG mess right now, but I am making my SCRAP STASH more user friendly.

I'm sorting all of my scraps by color (which makes a LOT more sense for the RSC):

Also on Sunday... Angela posted the first Sampler block for LIGHT BLUE month:

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler - Woven Four Patches

MONDAY - I took at little trip with a friend.  Neither of us had been to the mall in ages, but each of us needed to shop in stores located there.  She, for a particular brand of shoe, and I, for a popular brand of intimate apparel.

Times have REALLY changed!!!

LOOK what I found on the way to the ladies room:

It's a combination phone-charging station/semi-private conversation area (as opposed to wandering around the mall with your phone to your ear.)  Interesting addition to mall-offered services!!!

After our excursion, but before work, I did some more scrap sorting.

It's a BIG job because I have a LOT of scraps.  (Just not a lot in LIGHT BLUE!!!)  The piles are growing and here's the "picture proof":

TUESDAY - What started with me looking for a "usable" scrap of RED fabric for a Crumb Block has turned into a multi-session sort out.  It started on Sunday and continues still, but the "important" thing to know is that I completed FIFTEEN (15) more Crumb Blocks (11 of which include LIGHT BLUE!!)  Not bad for an hour or so:

WEDNESDAY morning included MORE sorting... I told you that I have a LOT of scraps!!  Subtle changes, but the piles are growing:

I also managed to do a bit more sewing (of the RSC variety) after work and made ONE String Block:

Then, before dinner I made ONE String Block and ONE Slab Block in LIGHT BLUE:

After dinner, I sewed a few more Crumb blocks, but didn't have time to trim them up.  Oh, well! Tomorrow is another day...

THURSDAY brought my weekly quilt bee meeting.  Lots of fun and inspiration.  (And a yummy lunch, afterwards!

In between returning home and leaving to take DS2 to play at Graduation, (band) I trimmed up the TWELVE (12) Crumb Blocks that I made after I did my RSC sewing yesterday.

FRIDAY is for knitting buddies.  We hang out and drink coffee at Reed's Art and Coffee in Mebane, NC.  After all the yarn we can stand for one morning (or until one of us starts whining for lunch), we take a poll of where we should eat.  That may or may not be followed by some shopping...  Today? We were off to do our own thing once lunch was over.

The afternoon included come computer time, a load of laundry, and another trip up to the studio to sew.  Here is a photo of the SIX (6) additional Crumb Blocks that I completed before dinner:

SATURDAY, before lunch, I finished up this post and joined in on Angela's LINK party.  Be sure to follow the link to see what all of the other RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  You'll find me at link number 19.  Go, go!!  There are TONS of fabulous projects to see!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Lots of scrappy goodness going on at your house. Nice to see some light blue and aqua bits getting used up. It must feel good to get the scraps organized for your projects.

  2. It is easy to get carried away when playing with scraps. The sorting does make things to much easier later though. Love the blocks you came up with. So many fun fabrics put to good use.

  3. Oh your sorting looks like fun!! Was your mind spinning with all sorts of possibilities after that? Great blocks too!! Love the scrappiness!

  4. LOVE those crumb blocks. I'm struggling with scrap management myself.

  5. If you want to sort more come on down to Florida! I have 2 (ok too many to count) bins here and there of scraps! You were so productive this week. Great job. I remember playing in the band at graduations.... what instrument does DS2 play?

  6. You have definitely been busy. I like your string blocks and your crumb blocks.


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