Saturday, June 20, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 25

Welcome to Week 25 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  It's hard to believe that we are already HALF way through June.  That's NEARLY half way through the year!!  Now that summer is here, my work schedule has changed.  I'm hoping that will mean MORE time for sewing!

Let's see how that worked for me this week...

On SUNDAY afternoon, I noticed that Angela posted the next RSC Sampler BLOCK TUTORIAL:

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 Sampler - June - Ohio Crossroads

(Oops!  She actually posted it on Saturday, but I don't always notice these things right away.)  If you haven't made one of these blocks, you may want to go grab some scraps and give it a try!

Look what I made!  EIGHT (8) more Crumb Blocks (with bits of LIGHT BLUE):

AND...  ONE Slab Block using the lightest aqua fabrics in the scrap basket:

MONDAY was my day off, so after an early-morning chiropractic appointment (my 3rd), I worked on my Crumb Blocks.  Genius!  They will fit in with EVERY Color of the Month since they will contain every color of the rainbow... and then some.  :o))

I completed TEN Crumb Blocks:

I also made ONE Tiny Nine in LIGHT BLUE:

Before Quilt Guild, I sewed the background for my Paint Chip Challenge:

Sorry! Stellar photography skills at work, once again. I didn't realize that the lighting was so poor.

Followed by ONE Maverick Star:

And, because I had a few minutes remaining, ONE String Block in LIGHT BLUE:

On TUESDAY, I worked a half-day and then went to the grocery store.  While the boys brought in the groceries, I made (Fast) Pepperoni Bread (meaning I used prepared dough instead of making my own.)

It was a HOT day!  So... after some relaxing computer time, I went up to sew...

TWO Slab Blocks in LIGHT BLUE:

And... THIRTY new "Crumb Starters" for my fast-growing collection of blocks:

WEDNESDAY was ANOTHER day off from work.   (I'm REALLY liking this new schedule!!)  I went up to the sewing room with the intention of starting a craft project, but once I sat down in from of the sewing machine...

The rest is history.

Those FABRIC SCRAPS pulled me in and "forced" me to sew them (and sew them, and sew some more.)  When I finally said ENOUGH, I had created another, WAIT FOR IT...

THIRTY "Crumb Starters" in a RAINBOW of colors:

On THURSDAY morning, I went to Quilt Group, taking the equipment needed for Saturday's Dye Frenzy.  I also took my Crumb Quilt to sew down the label (which has been hanging off the back of the quilt since it was finished!)

Between Quilt Group and work, I went shopping for a few last minute items for the printing portion of Saturday morning's event.  Then... I was off to work the evening shift so... no RSC sewing was done today.

FRIDAY morning meant Knit Group (and ANOTHER trip to the mall).  :o))

This particular Friday also included a workout... of my interior design skills, a dinner date, and a special surprise when I (finally) got home and checked my email.  You can read about that on Monday.  Alas, ANOTHER day without RSC Sewing.  :o((

On SATURDAY, after breakfast, I went off to Quilt Bee for our Annual Dye Frenzy.

Here's PART of what I did at the quilting event:

Gelli Printing is FUN!!!  It was my first time with this technique and there is definitely a bit of a learning curve (which provides opportunity for further experimentation.)  Look closely... I even managed to use some LIGHT BLUE the RSC Color of the Month, too.  :o))

Quilting was followed by a trip to our LYS (That's shorthand for Local Yarn Shop for the non-knitters out there!) for my first Knit Class in a number of years.  I took a Finishing Class in order to get a handle on what will be involved in completing my Sideways Lace Vest.  It's a project that has been on the needles for WAY.  TOO.  LONG!!!

Now that the end of the day is approaching, it's time to LINK UP with Angela and the rest of the RSC Quilters for our weekly look at what everyone has been up to.  Go see all the wonderful projects.  It's well worth your time!  (P.S. You will find me at link number 21 this week.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. What fun you've had this week. So productive too. Some lovely fabrics created during your dye event.

  2. Love, love, LOVE your crumb blocks! You go girl!

  3. So many beautiful crumb blocks. You will be out of scraps in no time with all those blocks sewn. Even if you did have a few days away from your machine, you got an amazing amount accomplished this week. Congratulations!


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