Saturday, June 6, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 23

Welcome to Week 23 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  It's been another busy week.  I'm REALLY beginning to wonder if there is any other kind!!

SUNDAY was spent in the car.  Hour after hour (after HOUR)!!!  It's a LONG way from Florida back to North Carolina.  We didn't get home until midnight.  :o((

Back to work on MONDAY... an extra long split shift.  (With my FIRST chiropractic appointment in between.)  I found myself feeling a little out of sorts and looking forward to 5:30.  I made sure to make it an EARLY night!!

By TUESDAY afternoon, I was ready to spend a little time in the studio.  I started by cleaning up the rest of the GREEN and pulling out the bag of LIGHT BLUE that I collected as we were sewing DARK BLUE back in January.

I will, once again, be using a variety of BLUE fabric this month:

WEDNESDAY, before dinner, I actually SEWED... until I was too hungry to sew anymore!  I got a good start on the beginnings of one Maverick Star Block:

And... you know it's time to stop for the night when...

... the 2.5 LIGHT BLUE String Blocks that you made look like THIS:

Can YOU spot the problem with that center block???  Looks like I lined up the WRONG line on the ruler when trimming this block down to size...  Oops!!!
That's OK. I've already cut it into 4 to make the centers of some Maverick Stars. :o))

On THURSDAY, I worked a LONG day at one job and followed it up with working my evening job, too.  Can you say TIRED???  That's what I was at day's end.

FRIDAY was a half day for work, followed by my 2nd ever chiropractic appointment.  Today's visit was less traumatic than Monday's.  Apparently, doing my "prescribed" stretches cuts down on the number of visits needed to correct "diagnosed" problems. :o))

When I got home, I spent a few minutes of quality time with my sewing machine.  Here's what we accomplished...  ONE Slab Block and ONE Tiny Nine:

And... Before dinner, I went back up to assemble ONE Maverick Star Block that I prepped earlier:

SATURDAY began WAY earlier that I would have liked, but after getting DS2 off to take his SAT Subject Tests, I finished up this post and joined the LINK Party over at So Scrappy blog.  Be sure to click over to see what all of the other RSC Quilters have been working on during this first week of LIGHT BLUE.  (Since I was up with the chicken this morning...)  Look for me at link number FIVE (5) while you're there!

I'm heading up to the studio to start on a NEW project today, so my RSC sewing will be put on hold for the day.  Don't worry!  I'll get back to my Rainbow projects tomorrow.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. My goodness! I am so tired just reading about your week. I hope the back feels better soon - never good when the chiropractor is needed. I'm using all shades of blue and teal this month too - something about loving blue and having tons of it. Glad the trip home was a good one.

  2. Long road trips can play havoc with a back problem. Hope you took time for a lot of stretch stops. Busy week but much accomplished. Maverick stars look great and I adore the little nine patches.

  3. Nice, really liking your blue blocks, you got a lot done.

  4. those maverick stars are awesome... I just have to try them! I especially like the strip piecing in the centers

  5. Liking the strings, and the star! those tiny nines are really tiny! Looking good.

  6. For as busy as you've been, you've managed to get in some nice stitching!

  7. Bless you. I hope this will be a better week.
    Lovely blue prints and blocks.

  8. You've been busy and able to get quite a bit done. Great job!


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