Saturday, May 30, 2015

Scraphappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 22

Welcome to Week 22 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!!  This week is not a typical week for me.  Memorial Day holiday may have added some sewing time, but along about Wednesday, RSC production ended for the week.  Alas, also for the month.

Here's the overview of the week:

SUNDAY morning came and went.  I was feeling a bit lazy, so instead of making the trip up to the studio, I started this post and visited all of the lovely bloggers who joined last week's RSC Link Party.  Later, instead of heading out to the grocery store, I made ONE Slab Block:

MONDAY (in America) we celebrated Memorial Day.  Thank you to all who gave their lives in the name freedom and patriotism.  I took advantage of my day off (schools and offices are closed)  by sleeping late and meeting a friend for lunch.  I also remembered that I had neglected to post the fabric "basket" that I made on Sunday:

TUESDAY, after work, I packed my suitcase for tomorrow's trip... and finished up the embellishment on a couple of quilts:

Shown with the fabric "baskets" that I made over the Memorial holiday weekend.

WEDNESDAY, after work, the family and I left for Florida.  Watch out, Angela!  Here we come!!!

Oops!!  While we were traveling, Angela made the Color Announcement for June.  (As usual) I totally missed it!!

On THURSDAY morning, we woke up in South Georgia, headed for the east coast of Florida, but by the afternoon I realized that we were on the WRONG coast!!  We'll just have to visit with friends and family (and spare ScrapHappy the trouble of cleaning up for guests.)  :P

FRIDAY dawned to find a FREE day.  If you discount the tour of USF and taking the boys go-cart racing at one of the only indoor tracks in the area!  (Let's not forget the boardwalk hike in the swampy park that we squeezed in between lunch and the races.)  We were supposed to go rock climbing at one of the only rock climbing gyms in the ENTIRE state of FLORIDA, but we were all too tired after our racing experience.  Who KNEW that carting was SO exhausting!!

Some of my favorite shots from our FREE day in TAMPA:

 A potted bougainvillea on the campus of USF.

A walk along the boardwalk through Lettuce Leaf Park.

So glad that the gator is sleeping on a log (instead of trying to eat us!)

There was even GREEN at the indoor go-cart track! (The GREEN track was the FAST track.)

Relaxing in the GREEN-tinged water of the hot tub.  It was late in the evening and our feet could barely carry us another step. Ahhhhh!!!

On SATURDAY morning, I woke I thinking that there was something that I needed to do.  Guess what??  It didn't take me long to figure out that it was RSC Day!!.  While the RSC Quilters were busy linking-up with Angela, I was busy getting ready for a party.  My day will be spent with extended family at a 50th wedding anniversary.  Congrats! Grammy & Grandpa O.

Here is the inventory of GREEN month's block production:

FOUR (4) Maverick Star Blocks:

EIGHT (8) Slab Blocks:

NINE (9) String Blocks:

TWENTY-ONE (21) Tiny Nines:

For a total of FORTY-TWO (42) GREEN blocks during the month of May.

And... a fair amount of trimmings, too:

Let's not forget the monthly composite photo:

I'm ready for BLUE and LINKing up, too!!  Head over to see what other GREEN wonders await with all of the other RSC Quilters.  COOL!!!  You'll find me at link number 22 for Week 22 of the RSC.


Hope you don't might that I tallied up the month a couple of days early. I knew there wouldn't be time when I got home from this trip.  Another busy week is just around the corner.  Are YOU feeling BLUE???

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

May = GREEN = Productivity


  1. You've managed to get quite a bit done this month. Great job.

  2. You might think you didn't get much done this week, but you sure got a lot done this month.

  3. What a productive month you've had. Glad you're enjoying the vacation.

  4. What a great week! Beautiful Maverick Stars- gonna have to give those a try sometime. and I vote YES- it is high time you visited Gatlinburg again! We have certain "must do" activities, but added a few newbies this visit. Have fun!

  5. Great progress despite your busy life!! Your strings continue to be my faves. Happy Anniversary to the grandparents.

  6. Even though you may have had to quit early you got a lot done this month. I always love those maverick star blocks.

  7. What a great collection of Green Blocks!!!

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