Saturday, May 9, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 19

Welcome to Week 19 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  Each week I hope for MORE time to work on my RSC projects.  Let's see how that worked out this time around:

On SUNDAY, I made some time in the afternoon to sew the TWELVE Tiny Nines in GREEN that I prepped yesterday afternoon:

That really got my motor running and I churned out ONE String Block in GREEN (See block at TOP of the photo below.):

And, ONE Slab Block in GREEN (See block on the BOTTOM of the photo above.)

I was SO revved up that I couldn't stop there!  Prep work was done for one Maverick Star block, another String Block, as well as, another Slab Block.  (Too bad those boys of mine need to eat!! Otherwise, I might have completed two MORE blocks!!)

Iris enthusiasts, look who bloomed:

MONDAY morning, before work, I snuck into the studio to finish the other two blocks from yesterday.  I completed ONE Slab Block and ONE String Block:

GREEN Slab Block on the LEFT and GREEN String Block on the RIGHT.

AND... a shot for the Iris enthusiasts (notice there is PLENTY of GREEN in the photo, too!):

The LAST variety to bloom in my front garden (for this year) is my "Spiky Iris". It's one of my favorites.

After work, I took a trip to NC State to drop off DS1 for his last 2 finals of the semester.  The next trip we make will be to clean out his dorm room and bring him home for the summer.

I had some time between when I arrived home and time to leave for DS2's Archery Banquet.  SEW... I tried out my new toy/tool/whatever and found it to be... Oh!  Just check out THIS BLOG POST and you'll be able to read all about it.  :P

Anyway, while I was testing the new-to-me product, I made ONE Slab Block (shown at the TOP of the photo below):

And TUESDAY morning, before work, I finished up ONE String Block that I was using as a Leader/Ender project while making that Slab Block earlier (shown at the BOTTOM photo above.)

Late WEDNESDAY afternoon, while I was spreading some pine straw in my garden, my client arrived to pick-up T3 (R.W.'s Gif-Tee-y Quilt)

This is a happy occasion on a number of levels:

1. It clears up space on the dining room floor.
2. It stops DS2 from asking how long that quilt is going to be on the floor.
3. It frees creative energy for other projects.
4. It turns STASH into CASH!!!

Yes.  It's a VERY happy day.  :o))

Prior to my client's arrival, I was able to get a little bit of RSC sewing done:

Star Points for one GREEN Maverick Star

Here it is with the center that I made afterwards.

THURSDAY morning, BEFORE breakfast, I put together the ONE Maverick Star that I prepped on Wednesday afternoon:

Next... I went off to coffee with my Knit Group.  That was followed by my Quilt Bee meeting where I worked on trimming up some GREEN scraps:

Oops!!  I thought that I got a shot of this, but couldn't find it in the camera roll.  :o((

Then... before (our 27th wedding anniversary!) dinner, I started on another Slab Block:

On FRIDAY morning, while adding the finishing touches to the block started yesterday afternoon, I discovered that the basket of scraps that I was pulling from wasn't quite so GREEN, after all:

Apparently, there was a time that I stored BROWN/BEIGE and GREEN scraps together!!  :o((

I still managed to complete ONE Slab Block:

And... TWO String Blocks:

Then I was off to work on other projects and do some errands, including a trip to one of the local nail salons.  In honor of GREEN month, you HAVE to see what Molli did this time (no toes, for you!):

SATURDAY morning, I worked on completing this post and LINK-ing up with Angela and the other RSC Quilters.  Be sure to go see what they are doing in DARK GREEN (since I'm working in ALL the GREENS!!!)  Find me at link # 14 this week.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Oh!!  ONE more variety bloomed for you iris lovers.  It's the VERY LAST one in my garden.  (I planted a new-to-me variety last week, but we won't be able to see that one til next year!)


  1. Such a lot of fabulous greens this week!

  2. and then your nails!!! lol great lot of green going on here! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. Looks like you got a lot of green time in between all that crazy!!!

  4. I am exhausted just reading this. Talk about time have it down to a fine art. I love the way you did the centers of your Maverick Stars. And your Iris are gorgeous!!

  5. Oh my goodness! All of that AND you have (at least) 2 sons. Where do you get your energy for all that fabulous sewing? Loved the photos of the Iris. They are such a dainty flower.

  6. You've been one busy lady. Great job on getting so much done. I love your Maverick Star blocks.

  7. You made really good use of your time this week. Lots of gorgeous greens in your photos.

  8. Wow - you put me to shame here, I have a few blocks but you have been so busy, not only with your lovely blocks but photographing iris - love them! Not a cold enough Winter for them to grow well where I live in New Zealand, so thanks for posting them.

  9. Great blocks and beautiful flowers. Love, love, love those green nails : )

  10. So many greens this week! Happy anniversary -- congratulations. You nails look great too.

  11. What a great use of scraps! But as for those Too wild!

  12. Wow, looks like you really like green! Love the green nail polish. You remind of how great those liberated stars are and that I need to get caught up on mine! Best of all were the irises. Love them and thank you for sharing.

  13. Happy Anniversary and love the nails! You got a lot done in little bits of time last week. Great job.... and love the iris pictures =)


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