Saturday, May 2, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 18

Welcome to Week 18 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  My work load may be such that I can actually get a fair amount of RSC sewing done this week... the last week in PURPLE.  We'll see how it goes (since I may have to remove and replace the binding on a quilt that I just finished.)

Here's how Week 18 looked from my sewing room...


My neighbor's lilac colored Tall Bearded Iris bloomed.  This plant came from my garden, but blooms earlier in her garden than it does in mine.  Mine won't bloom for another week or so.


I had a busy day.  I worked until noon and came home to finish up T3 (which incorporates PURPLE scraps from my stash):

I was so relieved to be finished with my commission quilting that I decided to play with some of my PURPLE scraps after dinner.  I got a LOT done:

TWO Maverick Star blocks

THREE String blocks


FOUR Tiny Nines


I had another busy day.  I worked a double shift and stopped by my Quilt Bee meeting to see what everyone was doing this week.  Then hurried home to get in some RSC sewing before it was time to head off to bed, but didn't manage to get upstairs.  :o((


On today's walk with "Doodle Bug", I saw this deep burgundy sort of PURPLE:

This is a TOTALLY different variety of iris than any in my garden.

And when we got back from our walk he created this "still life" of stacked boots... in PURPLE:

He's just barely 2. His Mom and I get excited about stuff like this.  LOL

I went online at nap time to find that Angela had made her Color Announcement a couple of days early.  I can't tell you how happy I am!!! And sad at the same time...

I felt conflicted regarding today's RSC sewing session.  What is a quilter to do?

Sew MORE of April's PURPLE or switch to May's color???

I decided to sew more PURPLE (since I've had a particularly slim block production this month.)
And then I took a few minutes to sort the NEW color so that I will be ready for Friday.  That seemed like an appropriate compromise!

Part of that PURPLE sewing was adding more quilting to T3 (in an effort to tame those wavy borders.)  After that... it still required blocking:


On the LAST day of PURPLE month, I went to Quilt Bee in the back-of-beyond, followed that with a bit more PURPLE sewing and blocking the borders on T3 so that it will be ready for pick-up.

I made ONE Slab block in PURPLE:

And ALL this PURPLE garbage from that ONE block!

I should have been working on a Leader/Ender poject!!  Just LOOK at all the wasted thread:

Yes. The thread is a shade of PURPLE... lavender to be exact.  :P

I also gathered some off-cuts to use for star points for a Maverick Star block:

And whipped up ONE last PURPLE block:

For you Iris enthusiasts, I was WRONG about my Lilac Iris.  It bloomed TODAY (as opposed to next week like I had predicted.)  So nice of it to bloom in honor of our LAST day in PURPLE.  :o))

For some reason, it's got a smaller bloom on a shorter stem than the ones across the street. Interesting...

And, FOUR other varieties will bloom in the next day or so:

A deep, dark PURPLE with petals that look like velvet when they open...

A white edged in PURPLE shown in the foreground, a peach behind that, and a lavender with PURPLE falls (just out of view) on the top left side of the photo. (In the top center of the photo, there's a yellow iris that bloomed today, also).

Color Clarification!!  Angela posted a NOTICE that we will be splitting GREEN into lights and darks.  I missed the notice and plan to work with ALL of my GREEN scraps.  (She's putting her light GREEN scraps away for another month.)  I'm may sort out SOME, but I want to play with ALL of it!


May arrived, along with a new Color of the Month.  Hooray!!!  The NEW color is GREEN.

Any shade, you name it, I absolutely LOVE it!!

You NEVER know what kind of GREEN things you will find around the Triangle!  Here's something that I saw the other day that exemplifies a different "shade" of GREEN:

Here is my "basket" of GREEN scraps that I will be pulling from during the month of April:

Angela posted her Rainbow Scrap Sampler - Green Block 1 - Sawtooth Star in a Star block tutorial. Follow this LINK to make one of your own.


My family participated in the Rainbow Walk of Heroes to benefit Duke Hospital's Pediatric Bone Marrow Unit.  We walked to celebrate the fact that DS2 is 2 YEARS post-transplant.

This year's Walk shirt.

Lots of people on the track at the Duke Center for Living.

2015 Balloon Release

Team Matthew shirts in Safety GREEN!!!

Take a look at the Superman socks that one team sported as the walked!!

It was a wonderful morning to get out and walk to raise money to benefit the Family Support Team for the Duke PBMT unit.  We enjoyed catching up with hospital staff  OUTSIDE of the hospital and seeing others out to support such a worthy cause.  Family Support does SO much for so many throughout the year!  The Team works tirelessly to make families in crisis more comfortable during their time on 5200 at Duke.  These funds pay for parties, crafts, and special theme dinners for kids and caregivers, alike. They bring a bit of "normal life" to the families on 5200.  Thank you, Scott and the entire Family Support team!!!  We appreciate all that you do.

Everyone else is napping, but I didn't come home to nap!  I came home to do the monthly wrap-up...

Would anyone like to guess how many blocks I made during PURPLE month??

I'll get busy taking inventory...  OK...  THAT didn't take long!!  LOL

Here are the totals for the month of PURPLE:

SIX (6) String Blocks:

THREE (3) Maverick Star Blocks:

FOUR (4) Slab Blocks:

SEVEN (7) Tiny Nines:

For a total of TWENTY (20) PURPLE blocks made during the month of APRIL.


In the interest of full disclosure, I like to report the trimmings, too.  Therefore, I present this small stack of trimmed up PURPLE squares to be used in future projects:

Here's the composite photo for an overview of the PURPLE sewing done during the month of April:

These blocks are MUCH more PURPLE than they appear!!!

I finished this post and LINKed up with Angela and the other RSC Quilters.  You can find me at link number 21 this week. Be sure to click over to see what everyone else has been up to during the last week of PURPLE.

I'm off to sew something GREEN!!  Here is the batch of Tiny Nines that upstairs waiting for me:

Until next time...
Get scrappy!!!

April = PURPLE = Productivity


  1. WOWSER, WOWSER what a great job on getting so much done.

  2. glorious iris... none around here... and those maverick stars are awesome. Won't you come over here and show me how you do them? LeeAnna

  3. Wow. You have been busy. Love all those purple blocks. Looking forward to playing with green this month. I'm using all my green scraps but I have enough to play with green for two months so no problem.

  4. Enjoyed reading all of your post. You certainly covered a lot of green and purple territory! All of your projects are fabulous!

  5. Whew! Just reading all your activities this week wore me out! You can feel good about the amount of purple sewing you were able to accomplish. Love the stacked boots!

  6. The irises I give my neighbors always bloom better in their yards than mine! I think they have more sun than me.


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