Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - Adventures in Fabric and Fiber

I've been holding out on you for WEEKS!!!

Can you EVER forgive me???

I posted THIS on 4/15/15, but never did the product purchase follow-up.  I might be wrong, but I'm guessing that you've been waiting to see what I bought...

Of course, by now, you might have forgotten all about my fabric and fiber outings.  That's OK!!  I'll fill you in, anyway.  (It will help me remember where I got each item.)

These items were posted from memory.  I'll post a photo/photos, too.

Goods purchased at Ye Olde:

Single Needle Throat Plate (with foot to possibly sell)
Sewing Bag (for a friend)
Quiltmaker Magazine (with Bonnie Hunter's new pattern)
Circle book (that I've been lusting after)

Carolina Fiber Festival:

ONE skein of yarn
Fiber Fest Tote
Handwoven Dish Towel
Celtic ring (that I've barely taken off since purchasing it!)

Powhatan Festival of Fiber:
ONE skein of yarn
I Love Knitting Tote
2/3 sets of handmade Stitch Markers (from Heidi and Heather)
Lamb BBQ for lunch (YUM!!!)
Event T-shirt
Bargain table book ($3)

Let's "go to the video tape" to see how I did...

THREE bags of "loot" from THREE crafting events (placed, Oops!, NOT in chronological order):

First, we have "A Day at the Ye Olde Forest Quilt Shop):

Oh! Look at that! I forgot the 2 other quilting feet that I got for my Janome.

Followed by "Carolina Fiber Fest":

REALLY blew it on this one! I forgot all about the project bags that I bought. (Along with the Teeny Tiny scissors, the Sheepy stitch markers, and the AWESOME hand-dyed shoe laces that I got!!!)

And then, the soggy splendor of " Powhatan's Festival of Fiber":

Sorry, Joelle!! I forgot about the Mini-skeins that I found at The Wandering Wool booth to add to my Tubularity Cowl.

Not too bad...  Yes.  I forgot some things, but not very many considering the number of purchases made (and just how bad my memory normally is!)

Oops!!  I forgot to stick my thumb into the shot of stuff from Carolina Fiber Fest.  My Celtic ring:

Eww, gross!! Not sure WHAT happened with the color in the photo above!! 

And... You NEED to see a close-up of my new wearable piece of art (that I am enjoying immensely!) Just LOOK at the craftsmanship of this handmade ring:

Thanks for sharing my adventures in fabric and fiber!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of what came home with me.  I have to tell you, I'm so pleased that I went to a quilt shop and didn't buy ANY fabric.  (My friends from Ravelry's Quilters Knitting group's Austerity Challenge were pleased, too. Thanks, you guys, for inspiring me to THINK before I buy!!)

While that was impressive enough, I can't quite believe that I also went to TWO fiber festivals and only came home with TWO skeins of yarn.  (The mini-skeins don't count, in my book!)  :P

Until next time...
Shop responsibly!!!

For those of you who are interested, here are some photos from Powhatan's Festival of Fiber:

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