Saturday, May 16, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 20

Welcome to Week 20 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I got off to a fairly good start this week and switched gears mid-week.  All in all, I'm still pleased with the progress made on my RSC sewing.

Here's how the week went...

MONDAY came and I started a NEW project... or TWO.  Since I borrowed a friend's Twister Ruler, I figured that I better get on with it!  Here are the beginnings of those quilts using 5" squares from swaps 10 YEARS ago, including a number of GREEN fabrics!

Twisted Sixter One (ready to grow, two by two):

Twisted Sixter Two (once satisfied with the layout):

For your GREEN viewing pleasure, I present my favorite tree on the grounds at work:

TUESDAY's task was sewing the rows together (it counts because there's GREEN in them):

First, on the "bright" quilt...

And then on the "autumn" quilt.

I also managed to do some GREEN sewing:

I made ONE String Block...

And ONE Slab Block.  :o))

All that was AFTER working a double shift AND racing to a Band Boosters Meeting BEFORE heading home.  (Oh!  Hi, my name is Joyful and I'm the new VP for next year!!  head, desk.
WHAT was I thinking?!?!)

Hey!!  Don't laugh at me... I'm sure YOU have done something similar.

On WEDNESDAY afternoon, my sewing time was spent bordering the two Twister quilts and sewing with some of my GREEN scraps:

Twisted Sixter One - Spring/Summer

Twisted Sixter Two - Autumn

The GREEN sewing yielded ONE String Block:

And ONE Slab Block (with a little pop of PINK):

There is something that I wanted to share with you about the String Block... THIS is how it looked BEFORE trimming the 3rd and 4th side:

I'm showing you this in order to illustrate an important point when sewing with scraps.  The fact is this, not all of your scraps need to be cut perfectly (into squares or rectangles) in order to be useful!!!  Depending on your pattern, ANY scrap can be a usable piece of fabric.

THURSDAY morning BEFORE Quilt Bee, I put together ONE Maverick Star Block:

Oops!!! I guess I better try that again!!!  LOL

That looks better.  :o))

I had planned on cutting more GREEN scraps at Quilt Bee (just like I did last week.)

However, I was presented THIS bag of scraps upon arrival (Thank you, Ella!!!) and ended up sorting instead of cutting (I couldn't WAIT to see what treasures revealed themselves.):

Notice the mat, ruler, and cutter... I really DID intend to cut GREEN scraps!!!

Note:  I "confessed" to the Austerity Quilters and I'm sure that Needleb is rolling her eyes and wondering when enough is enough.  (I'm pretty sure that she feels that I've reached critical mass and could easily make quilts FOREVER without EVER buying - or bring home - any more fabric!!)

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store.  (Teen-aged boys NEVER seem to stop eating!!!)  I put everything away and spent some time working on this post.  Then I headed upstairs to have a go at the Twister Ruler... but first I made ONE Maverick Star block to add to my RSC collection:

And then ran out of time!!!  (Remember those hungry boys??  They wanted dinner.)

On FRIDAY morning, I went off to Knit Group and thought I'd leave you with a lovely GREEN picture:

That afternoon I planned to cut and sew those Twister blocks:

A set of rulers and an inspiration booklet.  Thank you to Margaret, for loaning me her rulers to see if I wanted to purchase my own set!! Ignore the stellar photography skills.  You'll just have to imagine this photo right side up.   :P

 They started off like THIS:

And ended up like THIS:

SATURDAY morning was reserved for Quilt Bee, but when I arrived back home, the SCRAPS were calling to me from upstairs.  I heeded their call and made ONE String Block:

I wanted to add a shot of the start to finish photo of the Twister Quilt(s), so that you could see for yourself the amount of waste involved, but ran out of time.  We are on our way to a BBQ with friends.

Whew!!  That was ANOTHER busy week!  Let's LINK-up with Angela and the other RSC Quilters to see what everyone else was busy with this week.  You'll find me at link number 25.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to head over to see all the other GREEN projects!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

STOP waiting!!! Join the Rainbow Scrap Challenge today.  It's SEW much FUN!!!


  1. Band booster VP, congratulations, 'cause it sounds like you need more to do? Seriously though, it will be a good thing I am sure. Looks like you had fun with your twister ruler, and even got a little green done. Good week!

  2. I agree, definitely another busy week.

  3. Phew, you are busy and productive. So many nice quilty things happening here, nice work!

  4. Ha! No eye rolling one in their right mind would refuse Ella's scraps! I'm glad they make you happy and when you need to offload some of those scraps you know where to find me

  5. I am still catching my breath :-). Great work....and cool nails.

  6. Lots going on at your house. Love your blocks, especially the string blocks. COOL green nails : )


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