Saturday, July 2, 2022

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC22 - Week 26

Welcome to Week 26 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week, I am pleased to share that Angela announced the Color of the Month for July.  Here is a recent art journal page showcasing the scraps that RSC Quilters will be using.  PURPLE and oddly enough, it also includes July's theme for the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge which is CIRCLES, SPOTS, AND DOTS:

SUNDAY - Started off the week with my Zoom call with Knittingsuek:

While I was waiting for time to Zoom, I took in a FREE cooking class:

It explained a LOT about what I've been doing WRONG these last many years!!  I enjoyed learning from Chef Todd Mohr, but...

Be warned:  FREE isn't without a cost when it comes with "come-ons" for his paid cooking course!

MONDAY - What happened today?  I worked a while, I played Wordle and, for some reason, really had to think about what the word could possibly be after coming thisclose to winning ...

Spoiler alert:  Once I had a bit more caffeine circulating through my veins, it wasn't so hard!

I played Quordle and WON - maybe for the first time EVER:

Later, I completed the PLAID prompt for the day's ICAD challenge.  Mixing some of my own colors and painting the rough plaid design was a lot of fun.  Fabric scraps were used:

TUESDAY - My monthly Evening Bee was tonight:

I was early so stopped to check out the sunglasses on offer at our local big box store...

This was the first pair I tried on, but they were too expensive:

Purple to coordinate with my shirt - in honor of the RSC:

Not these, for sure:

WEDNESDAY - Today's Zoom with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color was filled with all things art and a little bit of quilting:

THURSDAY - Errands and art-ing occupied my time and while I was there, I ordered my new sunglasses in hopes that I will receive them before summer is over, opting for full coverage to discourage sun-glare headaches:

Goodbye, BLUE, but not without sharing the two things I bought last week:

Another day, another challenge.  It's #JunkJournalJuly hosted by @megjournals and this is the "altered magazine" that I'll be working in:

Today's prompt was BEGIN.  I got a start on it, but it feels like it needs more:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  Since there have been precious few PURPLE scraps flying in my studio, here are the flowers that I spotted on last night's walk...

Along with the Barn Quilt sighting whose design incorporated a bit of PURPLE, too:

I'll dig into these over the weekend or sometime next week:

Until next time...


  1. Oooh, a barn quilt sighting! I've wanted one of those, but have no barn. Love the sunglasses-- hope they are in soon!

  2. glad to share the week with you

  3. Oh, good for you on the Quordle! I love that game! (But I still don't get all 4 words every time.) Nice to get new sunglasses, too. Here's wishing you a little purple sewing this week!

  4. I misread your "My monthly Evening Bee was tonight" as "My morning Evening Bee was tonight" and my brain actually hiccuped...
    Though if I tried to keep up with all your activity, I'd probably be showing up at all kinds of morning evening events...

  5. Your Wordle play is interesting. I play it every day and have never had the right word be "retro." A friend told me she was surprised when she couldn't get the word "gecko," and it's another word I've never had. I guess I'm coming to the conclusion that Wordle doesn't offer the same word to everyone each day! It's good to see you and other bloggers enjoy the Rainbow Scrap Challenge each month. Scraps aren't in large supply in my sewing room, especially with practically no scraps in several colors. So I'll keep enjoying seeing what others are working on.

  6. Beautiful purple fabrics in your pile! I'm sure you'll come up with something great.

  7. Hey, I'm doing Junk Journal July too!! I'm such a newbie, but it's fun so far. Hopefully, I'll eventually get a blog post done about it, lol.

  8. Isn't it fun how the RSC color just pops up everywhere each month - even when we aren't looking for it. Love that barn quilt you sighted. Such a busy week. I envy you the various creative friend groups you have. Mine creative friends keep moving away!

  9. Good job on Wordle! My daughter and I enjoy playing that one. Never heard of Quordle but it looks interesting. My daughter plays a geography one called Worldle (I think) or something like that. Love the barn quilt!

  10. Purple is lovely colour, but for me it has to be paired with something else, preferably a lighter shade. The purple journal page and the icad plaids are so wonderful. I look forward to seeing your July junk journal.



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