Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sew Some Love Sunday - The Positivity Prize

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  Back before my great migration to the new house, I offered a prize to one lucky participant in Preeti's 2021 Positivity QAL.  As luck would have it, many months were taken up with the packing, the move and the aftermath of it.  By and by, things started to settle down and I was finally prepared to accept delivery of the winning quilt for finishing.

Here's the paper(less) trail...

The Positivity prize offer can be found HERE.

The Prize Winner was announced by Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts.  It was @AstridReflux on IG and she can also be found @ Blahg Blahg Blahg (but be forewarned that she uses a bit of colorful language on her blog.)  Fortunately, considering the ongoing need, everyone understood that with the extenuating circumstances of my move and The Beast's need for a doctor visit, the quilting would need to be delayed.  (None of us had any idea just how long that delay would be!)

Just over two weeks ago, I received a gentle reminder/request for the quilting to be completed in the near future.  Preeti and Bernie @ Needle and Foot Fine Fabrics were hoping that the 2021 QAL would (finally!) be completed before the 2022 Positivity QAL was announced. More on that later.

Timing is everything...

It turned out that their timing was impeccable!  I was preparing an email to the winner when Preeti's call came in.  A few days later this box arrived:

It contained a note and this pieced backing...

Along with this amazing Positivity quilt top:

Light to dark or dark to light, this thing was gorgeous and I loaded it up right away:

I took some time to decide on the thread, but quilting with a selection of threads to coordinate with Astrid's gradated background...

Afforded me the opportunity to earn some bonus points for using up some random bobbins leftover from other projects!!  :o))

With those selections made, it still took me a week to begin the quilting.  A prime example of w-o-r-k getting in the way of my quilting.  Here are the first stitches:

Within a few days, the quilting was complete:

Then came the task of choosing binding fabric:

Trimming the quilt that evening would have to wait.  There are MORE issues in the studio - my lovely new BRIGHT lights are OUT!!  Unfortunately, my in-house handyman was away at a conference!!!  :o((

The next afternoon, I trimmed up the quilt and pared down the binding selections before dinner...

And took a quilt photo to share another look at the colors, too:

Here is the prepared binding:

The next morning, I celebrated my day off by attaching the binding:

This is the porch swing photo of the Positivity Prize completed:

A spin through the washer and a tumble in the dryer and the quilt was ready for mailing....

Before the week was out, I wrote a note to the newly appointed recipient of donations for Mercyful Quilts...

... Sealed the addressed envelope in the bag protecting the quilt...

And went straight to the Post Office to mail it off:

Whew!  Mission accomplished.  Thank you SEW much for trusting me with your Positivity QAL project, Astrid.  My apologies (again) for the (massive) delay!

Like I mentioned earlier...

The 2022 Positivity QAL is coming soon!! May 29 - September 4, 2022. 

Preeti will be sharing another free tutorial this year. No registration is required.  She is offering prizes, again, too!  Follow the link below for details.  

More information about Mercyful Quilts can be found in yesterday's post by Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts.  Are YOU in???  I'm hoping to complete my contribution in a more timely manner this time around (now that my new studio is fully functional.)

Until next time...
Plus LOVE for the WIN!!!


  1. The quilt is beautiful nas your quilting made it so much more special.

  2. Great job getting that finished! I just noticed Preeti mentioned she was doing this again in 2022 and this year I hope to join in.

  3. Kelly's language may be colorful ( I love her style - no sugar coating, please) but her patience is exemplary. I am surprised that she did not send her flimsy elsewhere and did not once send an email asking for an update. You, my dear Joy, are a rockstar for keeping your promises, come hell or high water, in spite of all the upheaval the last year has been. I am so blessed to know you both. Love you both. Big squishy hugs.

    1. oh yeah, I'm the VERY PICTURE of saintly patience, being well familiar with how long the crazy lasts after a big move....though I confess this was a second positivity, because I finished the one I was originally going to send, lol. That one will go out for H2H 2022! But the more positivity the better, right? I'm so glad I'd made another to send along when Joy reached out so she could work her magic on it - love the quilting and LOVE the story! Thank you both!

  4. What a beautiful quilt - I love the way the colors move into each other!!!

  5. Wow Joy, I didn't realize you were such a great quilter with the longarm thingy. This turned out beautifully! How kind you all are to be donating beautiful quilts like that!!

  6. great job on catching up--this quilt is so pretty!

  7. What beautiful quilting you did, and with everything else that has happened and that you have now going on it's pretty amazing. Nice job!

  8. I enjoy doing a meander and like how you did yours. What a great quilt and the name positivity is such a reminder of what a difference that it can make not only in oneself but how we relate and impact others. Great finish and like your choice of bindings as well.


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