Monday, April 11, 2022

Mail Call Monday - It's All Annie's Fault

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  This post begins with a conversation and moves into Show and Tell.  It ends with a secret about me.  Sound interesting?

Read on...

At the beginning of the month, I read THIS blog post and commented:

The Joyful Quilter has left a new comment on your post "Alphabet Quilt":

LOVE it!!! That's one of the coolest alphabet quilts EVER!!

Here was her reply:

Oh, thank you Joy!  It was a challenge and that made it fun to figure out,
Hugs, Annie

The next day, I wrote back:

I came very close to purchasing that panel last night (after seeing your post!)

To which the master enabler said:

You might yet talk yourself into it. :-)

And you know what???

By the end of last week, a pretty PINK package arrived in my mailbox:

I opened it during my Zoom call with Knittingsuek over the weekend:

Here's the reason I simply couldn't resist this panel:

It's artsy, while being playful at the same time.

I've always wanted an alphabet quilt, but I'm not all that fond of doing applique.  This quilt panel will allow me to choose to leave it together or to take a page from Annie's book.

This (potential) project marries my real self with my fantasy self.  You see, I harbor the hope of becoming a paper crafter one day.  (Shocking, right?!?!)  I've collected supplies and watched TONS of videos, but the most I've done is create envelope journals like these:

If you look closely at the fabric panel, you will see that the letters appear to be laying on sheets of antique papers:

They give the appearance of being collaged on top.  I absolutely LOVE the over all effect!!  Don't forget to visit Annie's post.  She is a master a making a quilt panel work for her.

Until next time...
Wannabe (paper) CRAFTING!! 


  1. HA! did it!!! I cannot wait to see what you do with it. Leave it out within view so that you can ponder on the possibilities for your very own alphabet quilt. I found the panel at a quilt show. Although it was the artsy letters that caught my attention, at the show, the panel was made into a quilt sewing the letters into a quilting/sewing words scrabble board. So there’s another idea for inspiration. Have fun and thank you so much for your highly complimentary words for my quilt. **watch that Z... it tends to want to play upside down!**

  2. That's a great panel, Joy - I can see why you were drawn to it! I enjoyed Annie's post, too. Her ABC quilt turned out wonderfully! Have fun with this one!

  3. What potential for this panel--will be great fun!

  4. How fun is that! Love it when you decide to do something just for you.

  5. I do love anything Marcia Derse, including your alpahbet panel! A paper crafter--what does that mean? Like make scrapbooks?

  6. Oh boy, a kindred spirit! I think I'm a wannabe paper crafter too! Now, have I done ANY paper crafting? Nope, unless you count making cards back in the early 00s, lol. But I see all these cool art journals and collage crafts and I so want to do that. Where to begin? It's gotta be simple enough for a non-art trained person like me. It'll be fun to see what you do!

  7. That really is a pretty cool panel. I was just thinking recently about getting back to scrapbooking. I really don't need to add any new hobbies, though. lol

  8. I love that panel and even have one bit of it a friend sent to me with my initial. Now, I, too, do have a little paper crafting in me....not a lot but I recently purchased a subscription to make a few cards to see what I think....oh yes, and a cricut to help with the silly cutting when I don't want to do it. Maybe I like tools more than finished projects....time will tell.


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