Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - In the Studio

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  As you know, I have been very patient with my in-house handyman.  He has been neglecting the studio task list for quite some time.  When he mentioned the household repair list the other night, I suggested that there MIGHT be a few things to be done up on the second floor.

This time, he agreed...

First, I wanted to get the thread Q off the sewing table and up on the wall:

The thread hasn't been added yet, but the Q is the first thing I see when I walk in the door.  :o))

That was easy!  What else???

Next, my other thread rack needed to be added to the adjacent wall:

Then came the main event for the evening...

Although, you may not be able to see what he's doing in this photo:

My favorite feature of the studio...
The Gallery Wire has (finally) been installed.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Handy Husband!!!

Everyone, join me in a HAPPY DANCE!!!

Yesterday, I selected a quilt to display...

... And this side of the studio is complete.
It feels SEW much more inviting!

Just ignore the boxes.  I'll take care of that storage area beneath the longarm another day.  Right now, let's just focus on the HAPPY.  In case you can't guess, I am one JOYFUL quilter!!!  :o))

But WAIT... There's MORE!!!

Last night, DH decided that it was time to take care of THIS box:

I opened it the other day, but at nearly 50 lbs., it was too heavy for me to lift out:

I did take the tool kit and instructions upstairs:

That MUST have been the clue that DH needed because after dinner, as I was making a bit of progress on the year's H2H quilt...

... My new heat press arrived in it's recently cleared spot in the studio:

(Sorry Needleb, but...)  Since the Janome doesn't get used very often, the heat press fits perfectly in the space beside it and this piece of equipment should make quick work of applying stabilizer to T-shirts.  Thank you to DH, who tested it out to make sure it was functioning properly:


From this angle, it looks like I might have just added a new project to my list!  I believe that I'm going to need to make a cover for the Heat Press.  That is a job for another day, as well.

Until next time...
It's starting to feel more like home!


  1. Ohh it is really coming together!
    Heat press? So for making T shirt quilts???

  2. Hooray for a handy husband! That Q is really neat. Glad to see you can start hanging up your minis on the gallery wire again, too!

  3. just what you need a new project! lol
    congrats on all the achievements this week on your studio space!

  4. Hooray for progress in the makes it feel much more like "home" and ready to sew away. That heat press is impressive ... do you make a lot of t-shirt quilts?

  5. Sometimes the little things can be a big change to a room, so happy you have made more progress in the studio!

  6. All the little touches make the studio!!! So glad you are Joyful! ~Jeanne

  7. Oooh, a heat press. When I owned a picture frame shop, I used the dry mount press to add stabilizer to my t-shirt pieces. That heat press is the bomb.

  8. Lots to be happy about in this post!

  9. Yea! I missed your little quilts displayed on the wire. It is really starting to feel like your space now I'll bet. That heat press looks like a great investment for working on t-shirt quilts. Would you believe the memory quilt is still at my house? Sigh..

  10. Oh what fun to have your studio really taking shape. I didn't marry a "handy" guy, so I've had to sweet talk my sons-in-law to do some of that type of task when they visit. Love that display wire idea!

  11. I'm so happy for you!!! What great additions to your happy space!

  12. Glad you are getting your sewing space set up. I'm sure it makes all the difference in the world to begin to see it organized. Keep going! :-)

  13. Beginnings of a fabulous studio. Keep the happy dance going :)


  14. I can't wait to see that Q covered in spools of thread!!!

  15. I’m sure you are over-Joyful at having your gallery wire back in your space. And how did I miss the Thread Q in the past? Awesome! You go, Handy Hubby!,

  16. Yay for your in-house handyman! I'm so happy for you. That heat machine is quite spiffy.


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