Monday, November 19, 2018

{Magical} Mystery Monday - The Epilog

Welcome to another edition of Mystery Monday!!  Today, I'd like to report my additional progress on Libby's Mystery Quilt Block Along.

You see, I got the bright idea to teach Libby's Mystery at my Quilt Bee's retreat last month at the beginning of this Fall.  That meant that I needed to choose additional fabrics, if I wanted to continue with THESE blocks made during Libby's Block Along earlier in the year:


Since I didn't have the necessary fabrics, nor did I want to BUY more fabric (take my temperature, please!), I opted for using a kit of fabrics from my Quilt Guild's Donation Quilt program.

Here's how things progressed...

I traveled to Lake Ontario and shared Libby's Mystery with three of my fellow CCLQ members.  I got them started and then worked on getting caught up, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the retreat space.  Among retreat attendees, it's fondly known as The Sewing House, not to be confused with The Eating House.  :P


And they're off:

Three cheers for chain-piecing:

Four-patch units, ready to go:

Block components, stacked and waiting:

Sewn blocks, pressed and ready:


Making use of the retreat design wall:

Interesting alternative:

This might work:

The layout, round 2, after deciding that I didn't want to return home with only a pile of blocks to show for my time away:

Another option:

All the blocks now:

Yep!  Let's put this puppy together:

Blocks become rows:

The 2.5-hour assembly line:

The Results...

Voila!! I give you a completed quilt top:

Yes.  It really only took me around two and a half hours to sew the blocks into a quilt top!  I have a process (and I was a woman on a mission.)  I certainly COULD have dithered endlessly, but my desire for a quilt top far outweighed need to explore the plethora of options before choosing the "PERFECT" layout.


Here's a closer look at the binding options, shown along the edges above:

Bound and DONE:

And ..

In case you'd like a look a the back:

I'd like to take a moment to thank Libby for putting together this Quilt Along.  I appreciate the time it took and the enjoyment I received from those efforts.

These are the process picture of my "students" quilts...




Here I am, turning my quilt in at Guild tonight:

Best of all...  This knocked another project off my UFO List.  Color me SEW happy.  :o))

12/15/18 Update...

Candy completed her quilt top:

It's SEW different from the others, but equally as wonderful.  Nice work, Candy!!  I'll be looking forward to seeing this (and each of the other Magical Mystery Quilts quilted.)

Until next time...
Be Mysterious!!!


  1. Great finish!!! Wow, that was fast! Love seeing what the other sistas are doing, too.

  2. They all look great! I hope they enjoyed the process. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic finish! You really whipped this one out fast. I gotta make some of these blocks :)

  4. You ended up with a very bright and fun quilt. Very fun variation in the choices of your student's projects.


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