Monday, November 6, 2017

Mail Call Monday - Quilt Camp Bounty

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  The day's mail just arrived and I'm SEW excited that I had to share right away.  I got a "squishie" with no return address:

Cool!!  But, was I expecting a package?  Not that I can recall.

Hmm... Let's open it up and see what it is:

Oh!!!  It's a sweet little mini from my friend Libby!

There was no card inside, but the minute I saw it, I knew it was from her.


Well, here's the back story...

Last month, at Quilt Camp, Libby from Life on the Hill blog, had a number of projects that she hoped to complete during the week.  One was her modern guild's Paint Chip Challenge.  She planned to make a mini using her chosen colors.

At some point during the course of the week, we talked about the Mug Rug Swap that I had recently completed.  You can read about that in THIS POST.  Libby had never participated in a Mug Rug Swap and decided that she would like to do a swap with me.

Time came for the construction of the Paint Chip Challenge and she began constructing that mini.  (She finished it on Day Two of Quilt Camp... scroll down to see Libby's smiling face when she showed it off.) I told her it could be the mug rug for our swap.  She was pleased to knock out two projects with one Mug Rug... until the little quilt was complete and she, too, fell in love with it!!

I left Quilt Camp thinking that Libby would be creating some other mini quilt for me.  (You can see her photos and read about her take on Quilt Camp HERE.)  Imagine my surprise when I opened today's package.  Thank you, Libby!!  I absolutely LOVE it!!!  (Your swap quilt is still in the design phase.  Please don't lose hope.  I won't forget you.)

Until next time...
Good things come in little packages!!!


  1. Sew glad you like it! Yes, it was hard to part with, but I still have more of the fabrics ...

  2. I can see why you both fell in love with it; it is beautiful.

  3. What a sweet, modern little quilt! Great job, Libby!

  4. Happy mail indeed! A pretty mini and a great story :)

  5. Very pretty! That's definitely the kind of mail you need to get on a Monday.


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